The Most Disturbing Thing About Villa’s Trip to the Etihad

Liverpool Villa crowd
Somebody has too much time on their hands

The Twisted Humour of Villa’s Trip to the Etihad


4-0 was kind of the score most Aston Villa supporters were expecting a weaken Villa team to get beaten by against a powerful Manchester City team needing a win to pretty much clinch the title. Yes, it would have been nice to have pulled off an unlikely double against the champions elect, but Villa’s season is already over.

Villa were the first of two thin straws of hope that Liverpool fans hung onto as their title dreams all but evaporated after losing at home against Chelsea and more recently letting a 3-0 lead slip against Crystal Palace.

As you’ll see from the below gallery of pictures, the internet can be a scary place when one team relies on another team’s result. Remember the horrid badge fusion of Arsenal and Villa’s when Villa needed Arsenal to beat Wigan? Well, Dr Frankenstein of badge creation was at it again with a vomit-inducing fusion of the Villa and Liverpool badges.



Aston Villa memes with a Liverpool twist [click on images]




Most of the time it’s neutral fans doing a bit of meme trolling in order to wind-up both sets of fans, as we can see from the pictures of Steven Gerard and friends in Villa colours.

Still, the situation of Liverpool relying on Villa did at least allow Villans to get a little payback for that Suarez dive at Anfield that robbed us of victory!

Since Villa didn’t come up trumps for Liverpool, I’m guessing while you read this somebody is now fusing Liverpool’s badge with West Ham’s. I wouldn’t bother if I was them, the title is in the bag for City.