The Aston Villa Marketing Department Needs to Respect Bradford City

The Dubious League Cup Final Ticket Promise

Maybe we’re being a little Larry David about this, but what’s wrong with the above picture of the Half Season Ticket ad that the Aston Villa marketing and sales department mailed out to supporters?


a) It’s a little disrespectful to Villa’s semi-final opponents Bradford City, as it assumes Villa are in the final.

b) It will certainly fire up the Bradford City home fans, thus working to Villa’s disadvantage

c) For the superstitious Villa fan, it’s tempting fate

d) More seriously, it’s misleading Villa fans, as in the strictest sense it’s a guarantee the club couldn’t/wouldn’t keep if Villa were to lose against Bradford City.

e) In terms of semantics, it’s potentially out of sync with the advertising standards commission, as it is promising something that might not happen. Legally very dubious.

f) Leading an ad with a golden carrot they don’t actually have in hand is a bit on the desperate side to lead Villa fans to part with their cash. It should be listed as a benefit of buying a half season ticket – ‘And if Villa reach the final, you will have the guaranteed chance to purchase a final ticket…’


We all know there’s a business to run, but this can be actually achieved more effectively by using a bit more football etiquette as opposed to cold-logic business etiquette. Of course, the marketing staff employed at Villa Park might not be football people or only support Villa by the default of their job (you can smell that a mile off, by some of the marketing material we’ve been subjected to over the past couple of years) – it’s not essential, but in this case, a bit more respect for Bradford City and Villa fans alike would be appreciated.


PS – When it comes to the League Cup though, we are of course, in it to win it!

PPS – Villa’s marketing/sales staff should be sacked, if Villa don’t make the final.


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  1. Opps, out we go. If you brought a Half-Season ticket, the ‘one round to go’ has now gone, so you can claim your guaranteed ticket for the final! Just pick the end which has the team with the most fans, as they’ll be more demand hence it will fetch you a better price, if you decide to sell it on. 😉

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