Aston Villa Home Form Stats That Warrant a Season Ticket Refund!

Aston Villa Home Form Stats and Average Attendance


As we all already know, Aston Villa’s home form in recent years has been shocking. Paul Lambert has perhaps taken it onto even worse levels, which isn’t exactly endearing him to the  long-suffering Villa season ticket holders at the moment. Paddy Power’s blog this week ran a story under the headline of ‘Aston Villa fans: There’s a good reason why you’re feeling miserable’, where they broke down Villa’s Villa Park woes  into some interesting calculations. While we’ve covered some of the stats elsewhere on MOMS, here’s some of the highlights…or should we say, lowlights. Then we contrast them against the upturn in Villa Park’s average attendances this season.


Aston Villa Home Form Stats


In the last five and a half years Aston Villa have notched up a win rate at home in the league of just 32 per cent


If you’re paying top-end whack of £595 each year for a season ticket since 2008/09, you would have paid £105 for every victory at Villa Park – and that’s not counting pies and pints!


If you go back 10 years to 2003/04 that win rate rises slightly to 37 per cent, but they are still winning roughly just one in every three home matches


This season only Sunderland have a worse home record than Paul Lambert’s side.


Villa only spend 27 per cent of their time in the attacking third when playing at home


They’ve managed just 36 shots on target at home this season – the only teams with less are Sunderland, Cardiff ad Stoke. That’s an average of just one accurate attempt every 26 minutes


Villa have the worst goalscoring form at home in the Premier League – racking up just seven goals. In the entire top four tiers of English football only five other sides average less than a goal a game at home


Villa Park Attendances


In the face of these poor home form stats and also the woeful performances that have been recently witnessed at Villa Park, the irony is under Paul Lambert’s management, Villa Park has enjoyed increased attendances for both of his seasons in charge. The average home gate so far this season at Villa Park of 37,057, is a 2000 increase on last season, with  the previous season’s average attendance of 35,059,  the  first increase for five seasons.


The trend won’t last though, unless there is a distinct upturn in the excitement and the quality of Villa’s play on the pitch. Such a change would also get rid of the all too frequent chorus of boos that has tended to greet the final whistle at Villa Park games recently. Onwards and upwards. UTV


  1. You’re right. The Villa support aren’t going to give a young team grief just for getting beat, but if they play with no spirit or direction & ideas, then fans who make the effort and pay the cash to go to games, are getting short changed and won’t be happy.

  2. Like most fans i,m pi**ed off,but we need to realise we are not the giants we used to be,its like when we bang on about the 66 world cup win,i agree we need to spend,and improve,and fans have a right to voice their frustrations.but we,re dealing with a sqaud of mainly young players , who at home need to feel reassured,even though its hard with some displays,the real blame sits with those above who don,t face the wrath of angry fans,villa park was a bear pit for opposition sides in the 70,s,we seem to keep all the abuse for our own boys now,and then wonder why our home form is so bad!!!! my point is if you tell kids their crap enough times,they believe it! you can still boo at the end but jumping on every screw up is not gonna fix it.utv.

    • One problem is the Villa team sheet doesn’t scare the opposition at all, so coming to Villa Park is nothing to fear. Then they know, that after 10 mins or so, the crowd go quiet too, so it’s hardly a daunting place to visit in any respect. Supporters can have a big role to play in making Villa Park a tougher place to visit, but at the moment fans who make too much noise, tend to be at the risk of being banned! You’re write that supporters need to lay of the kids, but then again, this is high stakes Premiership football, and some of them aren’t ready to be thrown in as first teamers. Lambert has certainly taken a drastic approach and not really given his young team much support with experienced heads in the ranks.

  3. watch next seasons ticket sales plummet I for one will not be renewing along with family and friends im sick of watching garbage if we played like Swansea villa park would be full every week.

  4. God if Alex Mcleish had a home record like this he’d be swinging from the floodlights by now.
    Things will not get better until Lerner and Faulkner go. I see we have off loaded Stephen Ireland today bt giving him away. Would love to know who sanctioned his purchase remember we didn’t have a manager at the time O’Neill had already gone. Whoever gave the go ahead should be frogmarched out of Villa Park. Remember Bent who Lerner called the “Mailman” cause he always delivered. What a shambles Lerner Faulkner and Lambert couldn’t run a bath.
    Glorious Past Bright Future my arse.

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