Aston Villa Hit By Infamous Curse Going Into Wembley Play-off Final

*Contains a light Game of Thrones spoiler in the last paragraph

Curse Origin Story

Derby County are now the clear favourites for the Championship play-off final after Aston Villa were potentially hit by the unstoppable force of ‘The Drake Curse’.

The curse which comes as the product of megastar rapper Drake appearing in photos at sports matches or alongside players, only for them to go on to lose, had this year picked up increasing evidence that it’s a real thing.

Initially signs of the Drake curse were seen with his official association with the college basketball outfit Kentucky Wildcats stretching back to 2012. The team, a traditionally strong championship-winning university’s men’s team, suddenly were firing blanks leaving the Wildcats without a title since Drake showed up on the scene.

Also, his beloved basketball team the Toronto Raptors had only experienced very mixed fortunes over the years.

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In the last year though things stepped up a gear.

Drake was photographed with UFC fighter Conor McGregor supporting him for the Irishman’s fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov. McGregor went on to lose the fight in big style.

Then the Drake curse got real in the world of football.

In short, if you were a footballer larging it up and getting a photo with the self-proclaimed Champagne Papi, you could forget about winning your next match. The curse in 2019 reached insane proportions.

PSG defender Layvin Kurzawa, played in his side’s 5-1 hammering by Lille in April, just two days after posting an Instagram picture with Drake. Soon after, Manchester City’s unexpected Champions League defeat by Tottenham Hotspur followed swiftly on from an evening where members of their first-team went backstage at Drake’s Manchester concert for pics.

Villa vs Drake

So why have Villa come into the line of fire of the destructive curse?

Well, Drake’s Toronto Raptors are currently locked in an NBA Eastern Conference play-off battle with Villa co-owner Wes Eden’s Milwaukee Bucks.

In the fifth game of their play-off battle, Wes Edens’ daughter Mallory rocked up to the game wearing a Pusha-T T-shirt in some first rate Drake trolling, as she sat courtside.

Drake has well-documented beef with Pusha-T, the Kayne West produced rapper, after he jibed the Canadian for being a corporate sellout and not for real in his track ‘Infrared’ on his album Daytona. There’s been a to and fro between the two rappers in their songs ever since.

So, Miss Edens amusingly was very much aiming between Drake’s eyes with her fashion choice for the game.

However, unfortunately for the Edens clan the Raptors won the game, taking the lead in the series 3-2 and putting them one game away from victory and a spot in the NBA final.

The result obviously gave Drake the perfect opportunity to return fire to Mallory.

With the rapper perhaps conscious of the power of his curse, he elected to use a picture of Mallory as his Instagram profile picture straight after the game had finished.

Unfortunately, the picture is of her wearing a 1982 Aston Villa away shirt.

Villan Curse

Was it a coincidence that out of a ton of pictures he could have ripped off her instagram, he chose a pic of Mallory in a Villa shirt?

If not, it seems Drake knowingly put up the picture of Mallory in a Villa shirt, because he knew Villa were playing Derby in the upcoming Championship play-off final.

Within a matter of days, he’d potentially get to shoot down both the football and basketball teams her family were invested in.

If so… jeez, thanks a lot, Drake. SOAB.

Crumb of Comfort

Fear not Villans, there is still hope though.

Apart from the fact that his Toronto Raptors are doing pretty well against the Bucks, so the curse can’t be omnipresent, there is another crumb of comfort.

After Drake had name checked the character of Arya Stark from the TV series Game of Thrones in his acceptance speech at the recent Billboard Music Awards, many felt the character was doomed to fall foul of the Drake curse and die in one of the final episodes.

She didn’t.

Maybe there’s hope yet for Villa against Derby…


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