Aston Villa Hammered into Potential Relegation Contenders

Villa Panic Stations?

Four consecutive losses leaves Aston Villa wondering what kind of season lays ahead. A general ineptness about Villa’s recent play suggests that any complacency about their potential destiny this season, could turn nasty. Despite spending over £100m in the summer, Villa are not too good for the unthinkable to happen.

‘Potential relegation’ is not a clickbait headline revelation, but the grim reality of what will happen if Dean Smith and his coaching staff doesn’t address the fundamentals of getting Villa organised, at least defensively again, ala the transition Smith made for ‘Project Restart’ in his first Premier League season with Villa.

In November, Villa face three teams that at the start of the season they would have been earmarking wins from – Southampton, Brighton and Crystal Palace. When you look at their respective records in the league, one thing is noticeable, all three have proven difficult to beat in their first 10 games.

The three teams combined have only lost seven games between them, only one more than the six losses Villa have managed on their own. In fact, only Chelsea and Liverpool have lost less games than the two defeats that both Brighton and Palace have suffered.

This is fundamentally how you stay in the Premier League – by having decent defensive organisation.

It had been fast becoming the backbone of this Premier League era Villa team, with 15 clean sheets last season only bettered by Manchester City and Chelsea.

So what went wrong?

Injuries and switching up formations haven’t helped. Yet, at the same time, Villa have managed to beat Manchester United at Old Trafford (their first win over United in over a decade) playing 3-5-2, and also managed to beat Newcastle and Everton without conceding.

So, in short, the team still have the capability and they are not a lost cause.

In the latest podcast episode, the MOMS team looks into what is going wrong against the Hammers in the recent 4-1 defeat at Villa Park, as well as examining trouble spots for the team and catching up on the Villa News, Media Muppets and the Three Points.

it’s not panic stations just yet, but there is most definitely cause for concern.


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