Wembley Tickets Available For Aston Villa Fans After Current Criteria Wave

Aston Villa Fans Wembley Tickets

The club announced it’s first wave of plans for the allocation of 31,799 tickets it will receive for the FA Cup semi-final against either Blackburn or Liverpool. Villa supporters will be located in the West Stand at Wembley Stadium

After a little pressure from MOMS readers who called the FA, 24 hours later, the FA finally announced the game would be played at 3pm on Sunday 19th April 2015. It will be broadcast live on BT Sport.

Season ticket holders will be dealt with in the next fortnight between Wednesday 18th March and 1st April.

After Villa Cash members, supporters who have at least a two games FA Cup booking history to a +5 League games record will then be dealt with in the details disclosed so far.

Some Villa fans have started to sweat a bit on social media to whether they’ll get a ticket for the semi-final if they’re not a season ticket holder, but as long as you have some booking history this season, you should be in with a shout, as the Villa website clearly states:

‘Please also be aware that on completion of the below criteria dates, there will still be availability for other supporters.

Therefore we will be announcing more criteria dates in due course.’

Also, key information to note from the club’s information is that most of the tickets available will be Category 2 (£53) or 3 (£43), so that is likely to be the price bracket to be left at the end.


globe tavrn cup final 1994
Traditional prematch drinks at the Globe Tavern on Baker Street


Supporter Flags

MOMS will be contacting the club to see if they are up for taking the giant Villa surfer flag down to Wembley. Having spoken to another club rep, who recently went to Wembley, the charge that Wembley used to put on such surfer flags (a few grand!) has been dropped. It may take some supporter organisation, but we’ll see what they say.

In their information the club specify the following on smaller flags:

‘Flags must not be larger than 250cm at their widest or longest section and must not contain any abusive or defamatory messaging. Flagpoles should not be longer than 1m, 1cm in diameter and must be made from wood or plastic only. Flags draped over the front of the Level 5 gantry must not obstruct supporters’ view below.’

Good luck getting a ticket and we’l see you there!


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