Aston Villa Fans at Wembley Receive Thumbs Up From Met Police

After all the pathetic moral panic ‘dark ages’ reporting on Aston Villa fans after the FA Cup quarter-final, it was good to see that after the next round of the FA Cup had come to pass more positive and truer words were being spoken of Villans.

Old Bill Praise

Before the semi-final, MOMS had a conference call with the Met police, Wembley officials and other club and supporter representatives before the FA Cup semi-final weekend to go over various issues – pubs, pyro, flags etc – connected to the matches. I think it was the Spirit of Shankly Liverpool fan rep who had suggested on that call, that it would be good if after the semi-final the police actually made a positive statement for a change, instead of just listing the number of arrests and continuing the negative mantra when it comes to football supporters.

Listening to the supporter suggestion the Met police, as indicated last week on MOMS social media, issued letters to all the four semi-finalists CEOs to praise their team’s fans for their behaviour over the FA Cup weekend at Wembley.

The gist of the letter sent to Tom Fox was of how well Villa fans had conducted themselves on semi-final day and it stated: ‘officers enjoyed policing your fans and found the way almost all of them conducted themselves refreshing’.

Naturally, they’d have been the odd isolated incident, as you’d expect, but the letter went on to say that the vast majority of fans were a credit to their club.

The same letter was sent to the CEO’s of the four teams in the semi-finals, but ours like Arsenal’s had an extra line:

‘I look forward to seeing your fans back for the final in May.’


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  1. We need a much bigger flag at the final as Liverpools flag was bigger and better than ours. Can you start a campaign to get villa to do one. We can then use that in the holte for next season. Mike

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