79: ‘Aston Villa Fans Are Going to Love This’, Squad Building and Quality Concerns

Thankfully the new season is only two weeks away, as Aston Villa gear up to take on Spurs at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Then the reality of the capabilities of the squad Villa have swiftly put together this summer, will be seen.

As with all summer transfer activity, it is always important not to get too carried away with the hype. Villa’s recruitment drive and squad-building seems to be considered and a far cry from the ‘reckless free spending’ narrative some lazy mainstream media are trying to spin.

A third of the players bought in, played on loan at Villa last season. A couple more have played under Dean Smith before at Brentford. Also, when it comes to international players, Villa have bought players as nationality pairs, which helps them settle in. Two Brazilians in Wesley and Douglas Luiz, and Trezeguet has his Egyptian national captain Ahmed Elmohamady already at the club.

Yes, they’ve bought a lot of players in – 10 and counting – but they’ve got players in relatively early and judging by the way they have played so-far in pre-season games, with careful consideration to how they’ll fit into the team.

Have Villa overpaid in some case? Yes, they certainly have, but that has partly been down to the fact they wanted to get their business done early and not drag it out to deadline day (which would be ‘Doing a Fulham’).

There is a danger though that inflated transfer fees may create a false persona in terms of a player’s potential ability, creating heightened expectations from supporters.

In the latest My Old Man Said podcast we look at the question marks over some of the new player’s lack of top level experience, especially in the case of Villa’s new defensive buys.

Also, the show takes a look at the trend of ‘Aston Villa Fans Will Love This…’ headlines, the latest clickbait tactic that is increasingly used to lead readers to empty worthless stories, in the majority of cases.

To say football courage is increasingly dumbing down is an understatement, but also it continually acts in an irresponsible manner, take a Sky Sports News journalist’s feverish claims on live TV of Villa fans rioting and damaging property at Villa Park when Steve Bruce arrived – not true.

On the latest podcast, we discuss these examples, and in light of them, also ask, are some football supporters getting the media they deserve?

Then of course, there’s all the usual fun on the show, including a Scott Hogan Touch Count Meter that focuses on the recent Africa Cup of Nations and the many Adama Traor√©’s


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Episode 79 Notes

Aston Villa Fans Are Going to Love This Podcast

Aston Villa’s Premier League return is just two weeks away and David, Chris and Dan, discuss some of the squad building concerns and hail the return of Tyrone Mings and co, as Villa get ready to surprise the pundits who have already written them off as ‘doing a Fulham’.

There’s also talk of the return of Steve Bruce to the Premier League, an insight into the new boss of the Villa Academy and a rant about recent Media Muppetry of ‘Aston Villa Fans Will Love’ clickbait tactics to Sky Sports BS.

Meanwhile, the Scott Hogan Touch Count Meter looks to Africa for inspiration.

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  1. Looking forward to the test against the Germans, my staring 11, Steer,Guilbert, Mings,Chester,Hause, Hourihane, McGinn, Grealish, El Ghazi,Jota, Wesley. + a good bench. UTV.

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