Aston Villa Face Big Relegation Survival Trial by Television

Tough TV Task

On the basis of the Aston Villa players’ performance at Southampton and Bournemouth, and how they continue to make school boy errors ala the Spurs game, it’s hard to look down the remaining fixtures and see where Villa’s next win is coming from.

It’s going to get tough once the daffodils start to push up (to quote Steve Bruce), with televised matches against Leicester City and Chelsea following the trip to Wembley. Then, in April, Villa will now continue their relegation trial by television, with all their current April fixtures against Wolverhampton Wanderers, Liverpool, Manchester United and Crystal Palace, moved for live television coverage.

The Changes

Wolves will now be moved forward to a 12.30pm kick-off on Saturday, April 4, live on BT Sport. 

While the other three fixtures will be moved back for screening on Sky Sports.

Villa’s trip to Anfield to face leaders Liverpool has been moved to Sunday, April 12 (ko 4.30pm).

The home fixture against Manchester United has also been moved to a Sunday, with it now taking place on April 19 (ko 4.30pm).

The Villa Park clash with Crystal Palace will now be a Monday night game on April 27 (ko 8pm).

Meanwhile, the home game against Sheffield United, originally slated for next weekend, which has been postponed due to the League Cup final, still hasn’t had a new date announced yet.

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Remaining Aston Villa Fixtures


  • 9th: 8pm Leicester City (a) SKY
  • 14th: 5.30pm Chelsea (h) SKY
  • 21st: 3pm Newcastle United (a)


  • 4th: 12.30pm Wolves (h) BT
  • 12th: 4.30pm Liverpool (a) SKY
  • 19th: 4.30pm Manchester United (h) SKY
  • 27th: 8pm Crystal Palace (h) SKY


  • 2nd: 3pm Everton (a)
  • 9th: 3pm Arsenal (h)
  • 17th: 3pm West Ham United (a)
  • Sheffield United (h) date to be confirmed

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  1. All the hope and expectation now firmly resting on the shoulders of McGinn, no pressure then, we all know he will not have the required fitness levels to make an immediate impact on return, so how many games does he need to get up to speed, more than we have is the answer, Grealish came storming back and has not looked back since, however McGinn is coming back from a broken ankle, we all know what did to Kodja. Still lets hope for the best. Jack will at least have someone else to help carry the rest.

  2. Player ratings for the Southampton game easy. 000 000 000 0 for DS. Larry is absolutely right we all know that DS is not a PL Manager we being the fans, the club obviously see something different. I can’t see us surviving this season but if we did scrape home on the back of 3 other teams results something dramatic would have to happen or it will be same old same old again next season. I am finding it hard to believe when you look at the effort that Norwich seem to put in to every game as a posed to our lot who give nothing for the shirt, let’s be honest we’re just living on luck and how we are just above the bottom 3 and not in amongst them beggars belief. Sorry to say this is all negative but at the moment I can’t find anything positive or good to say. My feeling is DS must go now, even then I don’t see us surviving.

  3. The sad thing is that DS is such a nice guy BUT nice guys win very little in the Prem. Fact. When you look at the tactics and team set up its not so different from DS time at Walsall. Travel a few miles up the road to Wolverhampton and understand how to exist at this level. Good luck to Wolves they fully deserve their status as the best team and club in the Midlands. Their manager is fully responsible for the transformation. Dean is out of his depth and we all know it.

  4. If we can secure 4 clean sheets we surely can manage four wins v : Man U/ Wolves/ Newcastle / Palace? Agree with other comments that we are SO lucky there are 5 other crap teams around us. Can’t see Hammers or Bournmouth getting many wins either. Maybe the Villa just need 7 draws to survive! Fingers crossed… UTV.

  5. We look doomed. In theory 4 wins could save us. But I can’t see us getting more than 2. Worst defense worst goals conceded from set pieces. By far most shots conseded. First half against the worst home record 20 shots conceded not one made.. Who allowed all those stupid recruits in summer. No premiership experience think grealish is top. One crap striker. 5 international goalkeepers. Imagine if u were running a transport business with no vehicles or drivers!! Don’t think yud last long. Maybe we will con our way out of FFP points deduction if we can raise 100m from grealish mings and McGinn. The other 25 we are going to be stuck with that’s a lot of wages no one will want any of them. Which others would fetch a fee even. We’ll end up paying em off again. Then struggle next season going into more debt because of 25 big wages we can’t afford. We should have changed manager Xmas.

  6. Spot on and don’t forget Dean Smiths part in this he’s no PL manager and this is far away from a PL team as you say rubbish recruitment, poor management, surely going down I can’t see us winning another match this season, we’re so lucky that there are teams doing us favours with their results or we would be rock bottom already. You just have to say we are where we deserve to be.
    It’s not acceptable. Our team is pathetic and so are our management top to bottom. I don’t include our owners in this but they are just being misled by a bunch of numpties

  7. Can’t score, can’t defend, powder puff/non existent midfield. I would like to believe that that shower were not saving themselves for Wembley I’m afraid we have no chance I am embarrassed in advance of the match. Any chance we had of avoiding relegation we have thrown away in recent weeks of poor,poor performances and pathetic excuses. Bad recruitment, not one of the newest addictions was fit enough let alone good enough for premiership football, what we needed was consolidation by old heads not no hope with headless chickens.

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