Aston Villa FA Cup Final Ticket Issues

FA Cup Final Tickets

There’s been a lot of bitterness towards the ticket allocation for the FA Cup final with both Aston Villa and Arsenal receiving only 25,000 tickets (on sale from Tuesday April 28) for the Wembley season finale. Of course, it’s always been the way, with over 35,000 tickets making their way to ‘football family’, corporate partners and Club Wembley members.

Unfortunately, thousands of these ‘neutral’ tickets will end up on the black market fetching thousands, raising the issue that surely at least 10,000 (5,000 each) would be better distributed to the fans of the clubs competing?

It’s sad to think that around 7,000 Villans who contributed to the incredible atmosphere of the semi-final won’t be at Wembley on May 30th at 5.30pm


The price increase in final tickets over semi-final ones* may put off some Villans from attending anyway, as tickets are almost double the price as we can see from the pricing below:

Final Ticket Prices:

Category 1 – £120 [adults], £110 [concessions*],

Category 2 – £90 [adults], £80 [concessions*],

Category 3 – £70 [adults], £60 [concessions*],

Category 4 – £50 [adults], £40 [concessions*].

*Semi-final prices were: £63, £53, £43, & £33

With the better allocation and price, the semi-final trip to Wembley is increasingly been seen as the people’s final, and only Villa beating Arsenal in the final would eclipse it as a day out.

(Full criteria for FA Cup Final Tickets)

Last chance?

The last advertised criteria for Villa fans to obtain final ticket is a 7+ game booking history for the 2014/15 season. As a carrot to entice ticket sales for the remaining league games, this will include games that haven’t been played yet. There is the possibility of further criteria being announced, but it will be tight.



Overseas Villans 

MOMS has had quite a few messages from Villans overseas asking for help to get a tickets. The only advice I can currently give is to keep your eye open for the club’s ticket ballot and plead your case through that.

If you’re loaded and don’t mind paying over the odds, there is always Club Wembley resale (£500 – £1000 upwards). You’ll need to register a FAN number to access the area on Wembley Stadium’s website to see what tickets are going for.


There has been massive supporter backing of the idea of watching the FA Cup on a big screen at Villa Park with thousands of fellow fans. The club think it’s a very good idea, but have to consider commitments already made for Villa Park on the day. They are investigating various avenues and will make an announcement in due course.

With many Villans missing out on tickets, there’s no doubt something will be planned, as this could be the club’s best moment since 1982. The omens are good with Villa being named the home team for the final, as they have been throughout the tournament, replicating Arsenal last season, when they won it. UTV

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  1. My gut feeling is that most of the 7000 who officially miss out on criteria will pay over the odds for one on the black market anyway, can’t keep a good Villa fan away

    • Doubt that many will pay over the odds. The normal price of tickets will put a few people off as well. Just wish there was 5,000 more tickets for each team instead of the amount of tickets they give to corporate clients.

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