Aston Villa Captain Says it’s ‘Naive’ to Think Villa Can’t Get Relegated

The last five seasons Aston Villa have been involved in relegation battles. At times in those seasons, some supporters thought it was curtains, but each time the team found a way to bail themselves out of the mire.

This has perhaps created a little complacency in some quarters, but at least the Villa captain has publicly stated (the obvious) that the danger is ever so real in the below short interview with Sky Sports, where he essentially states it would be naive to think that a big club like Villa won’t drop when it comes to the end of the season.

 Why Villa Survived Before

The main reason for the salvation in the last three seasons has been the goals of Christian Benteke, while under Houllier, it was the January purchase of Darren Bent and his goals that saved the day.

Villa at the moment though, don’t have that top-notch quality that can make the difference and be a match winner. Just look at the game yesterday, Southampton had three chances on target and put two away (Villa had seven on target); that’s the difference of having a Pellè over Gestede or Gabby.

Villa need inspiration on the field quick. I’ve been critical of Micah Richards in the past for his positioning and losing his man on occasions that have led to the team conceding goals. At the same time though, judging by the Swansea game he does have fire in his belly and can lead by example.

He’ll certainly benefit from the return of Clark and Okore to the fold too, hopefully Villa can lock-down a proper back-line. Personally, as I’ve said before, I’d go with Richards, Okore, Clark & Amavi. It makes Villa more solid at the back and the site of Adama Traore (if he ever plays again!) and Richards coming down the right-flank will give teams nightmares.

As we stand, Aston Villa are relegated. But there is a long way to go yet. As Richards said in his Tweet after Sherwood’s sacking, “As players we also have to take responsibility’. It’s true, as individual errors and lapses have seriously let the club down on top of Sherwood’s tactical errors.

That player responsibility needs to go up a notch on Monday against Spurs, where they’re going to have to make sure they leave nothing on the field to get a point or three at White Hart Lane. UTV

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  1. Richards also said “Tim was onto a good thing” ? we’ll forgive my ignorance but I never saw the good thing ? we are bottom of the league, the worst team in the premiership, and this hasn’t happened overnight, it’s been festering for 4 or 5 seasons now, any player or manager that signs for us must know the situation upstairs. MON had his fair slice of the cake, but when Lerner pulled the purse strings he saw the writing on the wall (selling Milner was the final nail) and off he went to manage Ireland. My message to Richards is, we are in the shit, we know it and you know it, so when you are interviewed, how about talking about the amazing loyal fans that rocked up at Southampton, rather than stating the bloody obvious about our predicament! Hearts & Minds Micah, Hearts & Minds

  2. Captain crunch should keep his mouth shut. First time he opened it, Delph offed to the “best club I have ever been at”. We are not 8 games from the end of the season ffs. Yes relegation is a distinct possibility made more so by vocalizing it.

    As for the sorry state of AVFC, well Lerner, seeya, you are no fan to let this happen. The Browns all over again, and for the same reason. You don’t get involved. We have the Arsenal mafia in charge one of which doesn’t care for the football side, the other spent 50M quid and gave a 19yrd old a 75K a week contract, if the papers are correct. I see no reason they aren’t since most things Villa are doing are published before it happens. Morale in the side is non existent, players come in dressed as Darth’s to show how non interested they are. Our home grown youths have now watched two crops of young players come in, and seen the only manager to give them a look be given no time to bring them thru. Can I finally mention the fitness geniuses who produce the least energetic and most lightweight team in the league. To call it a train wreck doesn’t cover it.

    • Having read the morning papers, Micah needs to be axed. He has done nothing but sabotage the club since he has arrived.

  3. Well, whoever is coming in isn’t coming in too late to get sacked themselves further on. The fact that the club clearly wasn’t prepared for this eventuality isn’t going to help whoever it is, and they must be given a tangible points target by a certain date (10-11 weeks) and if it don’t look good, round we go again. I know clubs have gone that route before and it’s made no difference and so what ? In this day and age it just can’t take 3-4 weeks in the middle of a season ffs – in the summer yes, but not now lamebrains. The sacking was on the cards for two weeks prior.

    • And in those two weeks they couldn’t sort a replacement… build a house in less time these days. Incompetent,

  4. it feels like 1986-87 and yes its possible to get relegated. Indeed, likely. There have been 4 teams recovered from 4 points in 10 games in a 20 side division.

    There is no room for optimism, just total support of the new manager, and kevin Macdonald who has a much bigger job than when he took over after O’Neill went. He must get total support.

    trevor fisher

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