Aston Villa Captain Charged by the FA for Swans Game

Our old friends at the FA are hassling Aston Villa once again, as they have charged Villa captain Micah Richards for improper conduct following an incident that flared up in the tunnel at Villa Park during the Aston Villa vs Swansea City match.

The tunnel incident was some ‘afters’ following Richard’s 30th minute on-field clash with Swansea’s Federico Fernandez, which was not seen by the match officials. The pair came together at a free-kick, with Richards seeming to push Fernandez in the back before the Argentine appeared to retaliate butting Richards.

Play was delayed then, as the incident escalated as more players got involved, most notably Swans captain Ashley Williams.

Both the team’s captains – Richards and Williams – were booked after the handbags calmed down.

Fernandez escaped any FA sanctions, while Richards has until 6pm on Thursday [29 October 2015] to reply and the FA stated in its statement:

‘On this occasion, the panel did not find that either player had committed an act of violent conduct, therefore, no further action will be taken.’

So, judging by those words any ban seems unlikely.

Meanwhile, as Aston Villa supporters, we’re still waiting to hear a fuller explanation as to why the club were fined £200,000 for the FA Cup quarter-final on-pitch celebrations, when similar incidents tend to have one less ‘0’ on the fine amount.


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