Seeing Aston Villa Through Blues’ Eyes (Video)

See the latest Villa vs Blues derby through the eyes of the visitors to Villa Park. It'll wind you up, make you laugh and show a supporters' POV of one of the best football derbies there is.

The first Second City derby in five years, in the recent League Cup clash, was a welcome break from the current woe of the Premier League and provided Villa Park with a better atmosphere than usual this season.

Below is a video shot by Birmingham City supporter David Brown aka Davo, who regularly shoots in-crowd footage and a diary for the official Blues website and social media. He provided one of his regular in-crowd diaries of the Villa/Blues derby cup clash for the Birmingham City website, but on his own channel he ran this uncut 20-minute version.

Speaking myself as a film journalist of the last 15-years, as well as a football fan, it has to be said that Davo’s video works as a pretty decent and well-edited short film on the evening, albeit from a Blues’ POV.

Yes, it will wind up Villa fans at times, but it also gives Villans a unique point-of-view of the game and a visit to Villa Park through the eyes of the enemy.

We see what it’s like to visit Villa Park, the stewarding and policing of the game, how the North Lower fans appear to the away fans…and of course, some first rate delusion from our neighbours.

A few Lower North Stand supporters asked MOMS if we had any pictures of the Lower North from the night, they especially should check this video out, as one of the highlights is the exchanges between Villa and Blues fans in that corner of the ground.


I’m sure Lower North fans will particularly like the action around the 12.35 mark, when Villa finally score.

The video starts off in the city centre, follows the build-up, optimistic pre-match thoughts of Blues fans, pre-match build-up, the crowd during the game, half-time waffle, the fan exchanges, action outside the stadium, at News Street station afterwards and ends up on the streets of Kings Heath.

It is an entertaining and authentic watch, the like of which is rarely seen on AVTV. Bluenose or not, certainly credit has to go to Davo for his good work on capturing the derby.

One of my favourite lines is from an interview with a Blues fan after the game, when he says dismissively of the result: “We’re concentrating on the league, that’s what we’re doing.”

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  1. That was quite an interesting perspective from the great unwashed’s point of view. Great editing, likesay. Fair play, even if he is one of them.

    Not bothered about the rest but got wound up at the Gabby song, that’s his mother they are singing about. Savages.

    ‘Loved’ the psycho with the dead-eyes who said “we’re here to spread peace and love” at the end. The quintessential Nose. Exactly how I remember their hardcore support from the early 80s onwards: emotionally bereft nutters.

    Laughed a few times as well. Especially at the deluded pride of Brum stuff.

    Forever in our shadow. UTV.

  2. I can’t be arsed to watch a video made by a nose for noses! I’m sure you have your journalistic reasons for publishing it, but I’ll pass on this thanks.

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