Aston Villa Away Fund 2014/15 Distribution Announced

Aston Villa have announced its initial plans for the second season of the 200k away fund initiative with a focus on free mid-week fixture coach travel and subsidised tickets across a minimum of five away games in the 2014-15 season.

Reciprocal Deals

The first reciprocal pricing agreement of the season has been made with Hull City, which includes Villa’s home game against Hull City on August 31 as well as the midweek evening kick-off at the KC Stadium on February 10.

The reciprocal agreement means ticket prices of £25 for adults and £10 for juniors for these games.

The Club have stated they will ‘actively engage with other clubs throughout the season in an effort to secure further reciprocal away pricing agreements and details will be announced in advance of such games’.

Free Coaches

Five free coaches will take Villa fans to our most long-distance fixtures, including those tricky midweek trips.

The five away games to be covered by free coach travel will be:

Crystal Palace (December 2)

Hull City (February 10)

Newcastle (February 28)

Sunderland (March 14)

Southampton (May 16).

Away Scheme

Further to this, existing away scheme fans will again be rewarded, with each member receiving £15 Villa Cash for their away support of the team, which is money that fans will be able to spend on home tickets, merchandise and events.

Lions Clubs

For Lions Clubs, there will be a separate incentive, with those who take one coach to each of the five away games identified above to receive a total subsidy of £500.

Last year and MOMS survey indications

Last year’s Aston Villa away fund budget received some criticism of fans due to the emphasis of using the fund on coach travel, although the MOMS survey results show  so far, that coach travel is ahead with 32%, in terms of where supporters want to see the focus of the fund to be aimed (train discounts came is currently at 6%). The club including its profit line on coaches in the 200k fund budget is perhaps where the main criticism stems from.

MOMS current survey results on away fund 200k spend

Question: There is a £200k away fan fund that the club has to use to subsidise Villa’s away fans with, how should it be used?


Free coach travel32%
Cheaper train travel6%
Spread across all ticket prices (£2 off)18%
A larger discount on less games/reciprocal deals (£5-10 off)16%
A focus on reductions for younger fans7%
Discounts on food at away ground1%
A mix of the above20%

Please do let us know what you think of the Aston Villa Away Fund 2014/15 distribution in the comments section below.