Spurs to Donate to Acorns as Gesture to Aston Villa Away Fans

A Heartwarming Football Tale of Lost Villa Inflatables



At the end of last season following on from the balloon and inflatable infused celebration at Villa Park against Hull City, a week later Villa fans took the party on to White Hart Lane for the traditional final away game fancy dressed party. What soon became apparent in London though was while inflatables had been part of the fun in the Holte End, Aston Villa away fans were informed by Spurs stewards they were banned from White Hart Lane.

The Villa fans who had inflatables confiscated off them before entering the ground  were told by stewards they could pick them up after the game from the steward’s office. But when fans tried to do that,  the office was closed.

Obviously, the Villa fans didn’t know inflatables were banned at White Hart Lane, after there was no problem bringing them into Villa Park, the week before. You live and learn, and next season we will give Southampton (who are the last away fixture) a heads-up.

What’s the big deal?

Yep, it’s only inflatables, but it’s a matter of principle. Away fans pay enough going to games without having to have their belongings taken off them, and as we saw at West Ham a couple of seasons ago,  sometimes there’s a lack of consideration towards away fans. Conditions and attitudes only improve if football supporters stand up for themselves.

A case for Columbo

MOMS contacted Spurs asking them to investigate the missing inflatables and if found, with the wishes of some of the owners of the inflatables (including the guys at avillafan.com), to  have them sent to children at Acorns Hospice.

After searching the White Hart Lane steward’s room for them, it was concluded they had been cleared out by contract cleaners after the last game against Villa in preparation for the Ledley King Testimonial game the next day.

As a result of this, the Spurs Supporter Liaison Officer Jonathan Waite has offered up a signed shirt for Acorns to raffle or auction off in a future fundraiser.

It’s a decent enough gesture and will raise some money for a good cause in the name of Villa’s away support.

Those inflatables served us well. RIP.


Thanks to Tottenham’s Supporter Liaison Officer Jonathan Waite for his attention to this matter.




  1. The main thing this article wants to highlight is the roll of a club’s Supporter Liaison Officer. Hopefully, in the future, club’s Supporter Liaison Officers will contact each other before games to give each other a head’s up to anything out of the ordinary. Better communication on supporter issues leads to less hassles.

  2. Jc

    Thanks for the support
    Acorns charity means a lot to this club even when our season has been as bad as it has


    Get a life you idiot. Football fans always think but there are some exceptions

  3. Can’t even spell knuckle…

    I enjoyed the article, thought it was interesting. As a spurs fan it’s a shame that our stadium was the one that refused to let you enter with inflatables.

  4. Offs get a life you little clubs make me laugh ,concentrate on trying to win a game of football you empty.

    • Life is more important than football you shallow fool knuclehead. So is a decent education – back to school for basic spelling and grammar lessons for you.

      The Villa fans were awesome and were more entertaining that the football fare on show. Shame about the inflatables, what a complete let down (get it?).

      Nice touch by Spurs. The club can do some things right.

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