Aston Villa’s Agent Payments 2012 and Premier League Compairson Table

Benteke – Villa’s biggest signing in the last year

Aston Villa Agent Payments 2012


While the below table again provides evidence to Manchester City’s strategy of buying the League Championship, it shows Villa’s recent restraint in the big-money player transfer market, despite the figure surpassing the amounts made by Villa to agents in the past two seasons.

The club’s agent spend is in the bottom half of the table (11th). Questions of ambition maybe raised, but at the same time it could be considered a more astute policy of not wasting cash as in previous years. I’m sure there were a few agents laughing about their cuts from inflated-price sales such as Stephen Warnock and Alan Hutton’s.


Total money spent on agents (Oct 2011-Sep 2012)

Source: Premier League
Manchester City£10,537,982
Queens Park Rangers£6,818,688
Tottenham Hotspur£6,595,905
West Ham United£4,436,992
Manchester United£3,681,580
Newcastle United£3,485,503
Aston Villa£2,730,539
Wigan Athletic£1,974,305
Stoke City£1,717,266
West Bromwich Albion£1,341,301
Norwich City£1,248,725
Swansea City£1,100,845


  1. I thought Stoke City would be higher up as they tend to buy the type of players you’d expect shady agents would be pushing at them… I mean half of their signings are very unlikely.

  2. But with a budget twicw that of west brom’s it shows that spending money does not always get you any further forward, it is spending it wisely that is important

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