Aston Villa Agent Fees Spend in 2015 Suggests Mid-Table Team

Aston Villa Agent Fees Spend

Last year in 2014 only Hull City and Burnley paid out a lower amount than the Aston Villa agent fees spend total of £2,577,866. While in principle it’s good to keep money out of the hands of the sharks of the game, the reality is it equates to being thrifty in the transfer market.

This year, Villa almost doubled their 2014 spend to £4,986,058, which placed them 11th on the agent fees spend list for Premier League clubs in 2015. It’s where, as MOMS has reported before, Villa have been on average in the last five years or so, compared to other Premier League club’s agent fee spend.

Premier League Club Agent Fee Spend 2015

AFC Bournemouth£2,328,862
Aston Villa£4,986,058
Crystal Palace£4,719,931
Leicester City£4,057,727
Manchester City£12,429,380
Manchester United£13,881,814
Newcastle United£5,946,031
Norwich City£2,484,285
Stoke City£5,308,545
Swansea City£4,250,030
Tottenham Hotspur£5,987,052
West Bromwich Albion£3,342,217
West Ham United£7,049,001


Of course, agent fee spend doesn’t necessarily reflect league positions, but Aston Villa obviously should be higher in the Premier League table due to their spend, even though they have under-invested in proven quality players in recent seasons.

The table though can show a club’s intention.

The top spenders this year, Liverpool, have been increasingly lining the pockets of agents in recent years. They’d spent the 3rd most in 2013, the 2nd most in 2014 and now in 2015 have topped even Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs.

Villa as mentioned above, despite 2014’s scrimping, have been around the 10th to 11th mark in the league.

Aston Villa agent fees spend over the past six years


2014 – £2,577,866

2013 – £3,358,628

2012 –  £2,730,539

2011 –  £3,163,320

2010 – £2,279,536

2009 – £1,708,374


It’s likely though come the January transfer window, if Villa are still in with a realistic shout of saving themselves from relegation, the club may have to gamble and spend big in the window to increase their chances of maintaining their ever-present Premier League status. So, expect the agents fees for 2016 to rise. UTV.

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