Arsenal to Screen FA Cup Final to Fans at the Emirates

Big Screen Final

As we have mentioned previously, MOMS and other Villa fans, after positive feedback from hundreds of other Villa fans to the idea, have asked the club about screening the FA Cup final at Villa Park. From our update yesterday, this is still being discussed internally. The main issue and delay on news it seems to due to prior commitments made at Villa Park on the May 30th date.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have announced like last season they will show the game on giant screens inside Emirates Stadium.

Judging last year’s screening to be a big success they are actually increasing the capacity for the event  to 40,000. There will almost be twice the amount of Gunner fans watching it at their home ground than are allowed to watch it at Wembley due to poor ticket allocation by the FA (for example, today we were informed the FA have issued 1000 tickets to bankers in the city as corporates).

Arsenal will be pricing the event to their fans as follows:  £10 for Club Level, £5 for adults and £3 for concessions.

Hopefully, Aston Villa can work out solutions to any current obstacles for screening the final at Villa Park, as the demand is certainly there big time.


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  1. If Villa Park is otherwise engaged that day, couldn’t the club rent St. Andrews and the Hawthorns? I’m sure we can hold our noses and they could find out what a full house looks like.

  2. Wunch of bankers getting hospitality tickets who’ve probably never been to a football match and will spend most of it under the stand drinking.

    • The game will just be a backdrop to a day out to impress some client or date. I understand there being a few corporate comp tickets, but there’s far too many, I seem to get approached almost every day by companies I’ve never heard of offering me tickets as prizes for competitions they want me to run.

      Ideally for future finals, the FA should give 10,000 tickets (5,000 each) back to the fans of the clubs who are actually in the final.

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