#46 Are Aston Villa Operating Month-to-Month? Is Tony Xia Villa’s Humbug?

The report in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph would seem to suggest that Aston Villa are currently operating on a month-to-month basis with owner Tony Xia scrambling to raise around £5m in finance to keep things ticking over this month and the taxman away.

This week also saw Shaun Harvey, EFL’s chief executive meet with Villa officials, as the league sought assurances that the club isn’t in trouble financially. MOMS is still awaiting a reply from the EFL regarding their governance tests, although they did confirm keeping a watchful eye on the situation in the meantime.

Whether Xia can steady the ship in the next few weeks, or whether there be some twist and turns in terms of investment or even a buyout, remains to be seen. Some people have suggested the recent silence is deafening. In the meantime, we discuss the situation in the latest episode of the My Old Man Said podcast, which attempts to make sense of the situation, as the dust settles post Wembley play-off final.

While MOMS picks through the bones of Villa’s fiscal woe and farce, it doesn’t mean that the entertainment is put on hold.

Expect sketches, humour and the usual fun and if you’re a Villa supporter with a GSOH and half a brain, where have you been? Get listening!

Listen here:

MOMS #46: The Wizard of Xia – Aston Villa’s Humbug?

As well as the usual chat, there’s the return of ‘Twitter With Tony’ (where Villa’s ‘Yorkshire Tony’ reads through his most recent tweets) and the show’s favourite negative robot Negatron, who declares some affirmative action now that the Villa ownership situation has reached ‘Defcon One’.

Show Highlights:

  • Wembley Fallout
  • Xia vs Wyness
  • Cumulative effect of player wages and stockpiling.
  • Early 2018 sh*t hits the fan
  • Improved football infrastructure dysfunction?
  • Bruce tactical shortcomings
  • Financial Quandary
  • Horror Show
  • World Cup Influence on Best Solution
  • Bruce Babes False Hope
  • Company House Movements
  • Jury’s Out on Xia
  • Wizard of Xia promises
  • Crown Jewels
  • Buy outs

Stay listening to the end for two post credit excerpts that would have been in the original episode 46 that was originally going to be released prior to the Wembley play-off final.

Referenced article mentioned in the show – The Original Warnings of Villa’s Chinese Financial Tragedy

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  1. Humour we have to have it we are villa fans. Let’s say we sell Chester £11m that pays off the transfers we owe. Grealish £25m that pays our 3 strikers wages next season (Hogan 6 rest 0) bjarnasons fee £6m should pay for Richards and Bruce’s contract. We buy no one. We unload a few others off the wage bill. We loan in no one instead we develope our own more talented youngsters. The 8 returning from loan( only gardener has played more than 3 games last season. ) actually earn some wages. We will still have one of the biggest and best squads in the division. All we need is a manager who can get them to play. I’d put McDonald in charge.

  2. the way I’m reading it is that Tony is in the same situation that some Visa users were in a few weeks ago when they could only draw cash out of cash machines but could not move larger amounts using their Visa cards

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