Another Fabian Delph Statement – Believe it at Your Peril

Fabian Delph statement as a Manchester City player

Just when you were sick in the teeth of bulls**t statements from Fabian Delph, another one comes along. This is the cliched leaving a club one, where a player says what great fans he’s leaving, how it was a difficult decision and how it was a footballing decision to win trophies. Blah, blah, blah, and of course, no mention of money.

Remember, pinch of salt…

Fabian’s Judas Statement

“Leaving Aston Villa football club is the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

“I have had some amazing times and made great friends during my time at the club. I will always be thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to play in the Premier League.

“As has been widely reported, I initially turned down the opportunity to join Manchester City. That decision was purely down to the love I have for Aston Villa and their great supporters.

“When I was made captain of Villa it was a huge honour for me and I took the responsibility incredibly seriously. I signed a new contract last season with the view of staying at the club for the duration of the deal and never with the intention of leaving a year later.

“My decision to stay initially was purely based on the emotion and feelings that I hold for the club and the people there rather than looking at the football opportunity that had been placed in front of me.

“I have been immensely proud to captain such a great club and want to thank everyone at Aston Villa – most importantly the fans – for the amazing support they have shown me during my time there.

“I am now excited for the future with Manchester City and helping the club to succeed in the coming season and beyond.”



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  1. Just another young English player that is joining a high profile club to sit on the bench and get lost in the international midfield.

  2. I’ve got a bit of sympathy for Delph as it goes……controversial I know but hear me out….
    I have a sneaky feeling that there was a deal on the table for Delph (irrespective of his new contract hoo-ha in Jan) and we, albeit reluctantly, accepted it. Delph was on his way and Tim Sherwood replaced him with Gueye almost immediately and then, to soften the blow announced it at the same time-ish as Delphs move to Man City.
    I can imagine the faces on Tom Fox’s and others, looking at each other having already spent the transfer fee on Gueye when Delph has a genuine change of heart and wants to stay……………I mean come on, you’d have to have weetabix between to your ears with no ability for rational thought to come out and say what he said last week, I think he really did want to stay.
    ‘You know, you can go if you want to Fab..honest, no one will say anything’
    Who knows? Maybe he really is a block head and spouts shite he believes at the time……but maybe he’s not. UTV.

  3. Liar! If you didn’t want to leave, don’t put a £8m release clause in! I actually think he was generous doing that but he should have gone last week! Now he is a pure liar!

    • Generous? The club were small-time/naive arriving at £8m. He’d only go to a top four team (who have money), he wants a below market value release clause to make life easier for him, if one of them comes along…the club should have pitched up between £12-15m. It would have been just as easy a sale since you could probably get in the region of £16-20m for him in today’s market (captain, young, England international).

      In the mechanics of that clause, there would be no different if it was £8m or say £14m. If City wanted him, they’d have considered £14m cheap. To Villa though, that’s £6m for an extra player. It was a dropped catch by the club.

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