A Work-in-Progress Aston Villa Drop Hints of Future Direction Amidst False Narrative

Work-in-Progress Aston Villa’s Direction & False Narrative

During the win against Crystal Palace you can see the signs of how Unai Emery wants to play and his desire for more controlled possession during games. There were flashes of success and the build-up to the goal was a prime example of that, but at the same time, victory was hardly convincing.

If Zaha was onside in the first five minutes, when he had the ball in the net, how would the game have panned out? Villa needed an own goal in a game that had one shot on target, in which which Villa played against 10 men for the best part of 30 minutes.

Under Emery, Villa have never failed to score in a game, and the consecutive clean sheet would have been encouraging, when you bare this in mind.

It’s too early to declare the narrative made elsewhere by a local journalist that Villa now are able to grind wins against lesser opposition below them in the league. What about the recent games against Wolves and Leicester City at Villa Park? What about Stevenage?

Villa are not there just yet, but the next two games against West Ham and Bournemouth will certainly act as further evidence to where Villa really are at.

In the latest My Old Man Said podcast, we discuss all this and more, as well as covering the Villa News, Three Points, Media Muppets and Emery’s Clipboard.

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