The Story Behind Aston Villa Season Ticket Price Rises and the Club’s Twin Ambition

Aston Villa Season Ticket Price Rises

The hot topic this week amongst many Aston Villa supporters is the recent Villa season ticket price rises. Having been on the Villa Fan Consultation Group that has had a couple of meetings with the club regarding the rises over the past few weeks, I’ve been keeping supporters up-to-date with what’s been going on via the new newsletter

The latest edition provides supporters with a bit of a behind-the-scenes insight into the meeting, the evening before the prices were announced, and how the FCG at least averted some more extreme unsavoury price increases. There’s also details of the club’s change of heart to taking up a secondary ticket sponsorship deal.

In. wtf we also ponder Christian Purslow’s bigger picture for the club, in terms of the ultimate aim of breaking into the Premier League Top Six, and a step you can take to make the club think about the atmosphere at an expanded and a more gentrified Villa Park.

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