The Holte End’s Secret and Monetising International Villa Fans

The Holte Ends Secret and More

As MOMS reported earlier in the summer, the Premier League have given the green light to Premier League clubs to install safe standing/railing seating, after it was trialed from the beginning of the year at a handful of grounds. Now, back in Randy Lerner’s time at the club, the CEO then, Paul Faulkner, was publicly leading a charge for Aston Villa to be the first Premier League club to trial ‘safe standing’.

While the a couple of ownership changes since may have distracted the club from pursuing safe standing (or rail seating to give it, it’s current vernacular) over the years since, there’s been various ideas of where such a section would be at Villa Park. During a recent fan consultation meeting regarding the North Stand redevelopment, when talk turned to safe standing, while it was ruled out of the North Stand, a revelation about the Holte End was given, which may allow it to increase in capacity.

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You can read about the Holte End’s secret here :AVWTF6 – The Holte End’s Secret, Villa Park Meltdown and Monetising International Villans.

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