‘Football Spy’ Mirror’s James Nursey Predicts Delph’s Likely Exit

Nursey catches a rumour wave
Nursey catches another rumour wave (Photo: Mirror online)

James Nursey’s Top 10 Muppetry Moments of the Last Year

1. Villa Fans Should Thank Lambert

thanking lambert

Probably Nursey’s funniest story of the last year. It still raises a chuckle.

2. Lerner Blocks Transfers

Lerner Blocks

A Nursey ‘exclusive’ that redefines the concept of click-bait by instilling fear in fans. Weeks later there were contracts for Philippe Senderos and Joe Cole. Then came the transfers of Kieran Richardson, Aly Cissokho and Carlos Sanchez before the season started.

3. Westwood is History


Another one of those magic Nursey exclusives. This one got the Twitterverse in a twist. I maybe mistaken, but didn’t Ashley Westwood play in both Villa Wembley appearances?

4. Finger on the Pulse

jackgrealish jn

Will they now? Villa did land Sinclair, but Grealish ended up playing ahead of Sinclair in Sherwood’s Villa team. How cruel of Nursey to raise the hopes of Forest fans like that and wind-up rival Notts County fans who Jack played on loan for. Witness the three-prong attack of Nursey’s magical click-baiting. Villa, Forest and County fans all hooked.

5. N’Zogbia has Awoken? Surely Not!


This had to be included simply for the headline. ‘Sleeping giant N’Zogbia’ – hahaha. Sorry James, but N’Zogbia is still very much in his coma.

6. So, so, right…Oops!

lambert right jn

Shame he can’t put his head up Lambert’s rear any more for such on the money reporting

7. Misplaced Confidence


Finger on the pulse yet again due to his best mates relationship with Lambert

8. Cissokho Off After a Few Months?

cissokho jn

Nah. Just didn’t make any sense for many reasons. You could smell the BS a mile off before you were close enough to read the headline.

9. Micah’s off to Liverpool Folks

micah jn

Funny how things work out.

10. Villa Managers Tell Nursey EVERYTHING

billy stark

Billy who? When you brown nose, it’s only fair you receive some legit info. Poor old Nursey. It’s not easy being a ‘Football Spy’!


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  1. The key moral of this story is a) if true, exactly how much is the release clause? b) what’s its context (e.g. part of a relegation clause?) – the journalists reporting on it don’t seem to know…& c) it’s much more likely Delph will stay, than him going any where, like Nursey tries to make out. UTV

  2. Not trying to be a dick but do you guys not proof read?

    “But I confident Sherwood has his eyes firmly on building Villa’s future”

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