Saturday, May 18, 2024

Good Bad Ugly

The original Aston Villa Good, Bad and Ugly column reflecting on Aston Villa’s footballing week

Aston Villa Good Bad Ugly

Anxiety Villa, Set Piece Show-offs and Passive Aggressive Managers

The Good, Bad and Ugly of an Average Aston Villa Week can tell how well Aston Villa’s week has gone by how long it...
Aston Villa Good Bad Ugly

No Excuses: Unai Emery Arrives to Help Aston Villa Find Their Character

0 Good, Bad and Ugly of Brentford, Newcastle and Unai EmeryThe eagle-eyed among you will notice, there was no GBU after winning against Brentford....
Aston Villa Good Bad Ugly

Aston Villa’s Attacking Intent Examined, Missing Ross Barkley and Pundit Conspiracy – GBU

After the Aston Villa shots per game pressure cooker, that built up against Burnley, finally broke against the Baggies, things are looking clearer on...

How the International Break Went for Villa after the 7-2 – The Good, Bad...

With Aston Villa's fortunes more good and less ugly nowadays, MOMS podcast contributor Phil Shaw resurrects ‘The Good, Bad & Ugly’, an old favourite MOMS...
Aston Villa Good Bad Ugly

The Missing Ingredients of Emery’s Villa Despite Midfield Improvement

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Villa Life Post West HamA point away at West Ham’s tax-funded stadium is always a positive one, but...
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The Good, Bad and Ugly – Are Aston Villa Stumbling Towards a Crisis?

Lack of ambition, impending Aston Villa crisis, Lambert pressure - just another week at the Villa  Death, taxes and Manchester United winning at Villa Park....