Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Media Muppet Transfer Clickbait

Terrible Hot Take on Aston Villa, With Club Accused of Being ‘Strategic Rule Breakers’

Aston Villa 'strategic rule breaking'...really?The Media Muppets department has unearthed another cracker from the cringeworthy Football Insider, with the clickbait website blatantly trying to...
Douglas Luiz buy back clause

Manchester City to Trigger Douglas Luiz Clause, Lazio Wesley & Spurs Grealish Fantasy

The season of the disingenuous transfer headline has been in full swing for a few weeks now, yet Aston Villa have yet to announce...
Villa newspaper wrap

Villa Paper Wrap: Aston Villa New Number 9 Contenders

Aston Villa New Number 9 With the transfer window coming to a steady end, it’s safe to say Villa have done an decent flurry of deals...
venglos view

Aston Villa Make Inspired Choice for Villa Park Entrance Song

Awesome newsThere's always been a bit of an issue to what song the team should come out to at Villa Park, since Villa don't...
Aston Villa Good Bad Ugly

Aston Villa’s Pre-Season Improvements Soured by Holte End Lock Out For Members

The Good Bad and Ugly Mid Preseason Catch UpPlane tracking, social media refreshing, minutes in the tank, all the normal preseason cliches are here...
My Old Man Said A Venglos View

Aston Villa Fans Under Threat at St Andrews From Air Strikes

Run Like the Clappers After all the WM Police and club preparation for the recent clashes between Aston Villa and Birmingham, an unidentified problem threatens...