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My Old Man Said Aston Villa facts, stats and analysis

Five Year Aston Villa Attendance Figures Diminishing Returns.

¬†Aston Villa Attendance Figures of the Last Five Years One of the obvious fallouts of the brand of negative so-called 'anti-football' employed by Alex McLeish,...
aston villa transfer spend 2013

Aston Villa Transfer Spend Compared to Other Premier League Clubs

Aston Villa Transfer Spend Comparison - Summer 2013  When you look at Aston Villa's transfer spend for the summer of 2013, according to the tables...
aston villa stats

Why Are Aston Villa Set Pieces No Longer Any Threat?

Time for Villa to Lower the Odds on Set Pieces?  Does anyone else remember a time under the reins of Martin O'Neill when Villa led...

Why Aston Villa Are the Counter Attack Kings of the Premiership

Aston Villa's Counter Attack Prowess  Considering Paul Lambert's ethos of turning Aston Villa into a possession-focused attacking team, it's perhaps surprising to see Villa's success...
paul lambert tactics

Shocking Aston Villa Stats That Paul Lambert Can’t Hide From

It's almost no surprise that Aston Villa under the management of Paul Lambert have yet again slumped out of a cup against a lower...
2014 form league table

The 2014 Form Premier League Table

Who are the form teams of 2014?   Looking at Aston Villa's form just in the year of 2014, on an average of one point-a-game, Paul...