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My Old Man Said articles on Aston Villa players

Aston Villa Half-Term Report – 2023/24 Season

The Aston Villa Squad Half-Term ReportBy Rob CarterAfter a stellar start to 2023-24, its time to take a deep-dive into matters in Aston B6...

A Villa Park Double That Changed Perceptions of Aston Villa

Man City & Arsenal at Villa Park, December 2023By Rob CarterIn a WordContender‘Qualified to compete to win something.’Cambridge Dictionary The Carter ReportIt's mid-December, and the...

Aston Villa’s Growing Defensive Injury Issues Helped by January Calendar

Easing into 2024After the strain of eight games in December for Aston Villa, the month of January, with just two Premier League games and...
Morgan Rodgers

Aston Villa’s Investment in the Future? The Why’s of Crypto Signing Morgan Rogers

A Beginner’s Guide to Morgan RogersA Championship winger, signed in January, is it Ashley Young? No, it's Morgan Rogers, and hopefully, he has the...
Joe Gauci Aston Villa goalkeeper

Next Up at the Crease of Aston Villa Goalkeepers – Joe Gauci

A Beginner’s Guide to Joe GauciAn Australian international Goalkeeper with his best years ahead of him? The last Aussie Goalkeeper at Villa Park wasn't...

The Puzzling Media Conversation Around Ollie Watkins and England

Ollie Watkins' England RaceAs the Premier League season edges towards its finish, the media is already discussing which players will be on the plane...