The Inside Track on Aston Villa Away Tickets, Developments and Ticket Abuse

Aston Villa Away Ticket Update

Below are the notes/minutes from Aston Villa’s Away Working Group meeting that took place earlier in the month. The meeting covered several key concerns of Villa supporters in recent months, from fans buying European tickets yet not actually attending the game, to the on-going issue of away ticket allocation.

While the group is different from the club’s Fan Advisory Board (FAB), it is loosely connected. Two members of FAB attended this meeting, while the other Villa fans present, represent different away booking histories.

Away Working Group Meeting Minutes – November 8th 2023

Introduction from the club thanking members for their attendance, reiterating the purpose of the group:

To continually evaluate & establish fair process for the distribution of away tickets. 

To identify & support processes that help ensure booking history is genuine and to identify appropriate sanctions against those who pass tickets to others.

Fan Representatives                                         Club Representatives

Aaron Jones                                                      Leigh Bucknall

Jonathan Knibb                                                 Lynne O’Reardon

Ben Redding                                                     Lee Preece

Phil Fellows

Paul Nash

Joanne McKibbens

June Cole

Comments from fan representatives in normal text.

Club comments in blue italics.

Club appreciation

European Criteria

European Tickets – no shows / ticket abuse

Mostar Criteria

Criteria 23/24 so far

The question was raised as to why we go from 19+ straight to grouping 15+ to 18+ together?

On sight of the data for this season so far, it was highlighted that whilst several games have gone to season ticket sale, having 67 & 78 tickets available for two of them highlights the “closed shop” element of the current system.

Criteria 2024

Having viewed the data from 23/24 season, it was suggested that the club should rethink the tranche system to enable more opportunity for season ticket holders.  The club should maintain protection for those on 19+, then consider 16+ but beyond this point, release the remaining allocation for all season ticket holders.  We may wish to consider this for full allocations of 3,000 or more only and maintain a tranche system for lower allocations.  It was felt that some season ticket holders would be happy being able to obtain tickets for 1 or 2 games, and that hose on 15+ to 11+ would not be impacted too much by the change.

On hearing this suggestion, other group members were invited to give their thoughts.  The suggestion was warmly welcomed by the group.


A question was raised on the queuing system that appeared for the Spurs away sale.