Steven Gerrard’s New Season Teething Problems are Familiar

Aston Villa’s Anti-climatic Start

Another season, another defeat on the opening day for Aston Villa against a newly promoted side, but surely it’s too early to be majorly concerned? Yet, the main take away from Aston Villa’s 2-0 defeat at Bournemouth was the team demonstrated very little evolution in their play from last season.

While preseason was positive from a results point of view, again, were Villa actually any different from the team that floundered to a 14th place finish? The first half against United in Australia certainly set the alarm bells ringing, before the frantic substitutes rescued the game.

Purslow’s Promise

At the most recent Fan Consultation Group meeting with Villa CEO Christian Purslow, he bullishly stated that the starting Villa XI on the opening day would have a different look to it. Beyond Boubacar Kamara and Diego Carlos, it wasn’t drastically different. Certainly not in the way the team played.

In the latest My Old Man Said podcast we looked at the issues in the balance of team and the situation with former captain Tyrone Mings, who was left out and judging from Steven Gerrard’s recent words, might be on the sidelines for a while.

We discuss the improvement that is obviously needed fast, to avert the current run of just two Premier League wins in Villa’s last 12 games from getting any worse.

Also in the show, away from Villa we talk Commonwealth Games, Barcelona’s desperate sell off and how Malmo FC compromised a player’s wedding to such an extent, he had to send a substitute to it.


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  1. Steven Gerrard is taking Aston Villa backwards and it needs to be addressed very quickly
    For goodness sake I urge the owners to go and get a proper manager to take us forward as they say they want
    Pochitino is sitting on the sidelines at the moment surely this would lour us back on he right lines again , so come on our owners admit the mistake in taking Gerrard on and do the right thing !!!

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