Roy Keane Hates Blue(s) and Thinks Savage is a Joke

[quote_center]”I don’t like f**kin’ blue…My biggest rivals were blue” – Roy Keane[/quote_center]

After the earlier excerpt on MOMS from Villa assistant boss’s new book Roy Keane: The Second Half , that has Keane reminiscing about headbutting Peter Schmeichel, there’s even better gems for Aston Villa supporters who might need further proof that Keane is the man for Villa.

Blue(s) Hate

Read this next excerpt, it’s got MOMS praying for a Villa vs Blues derby ASAP!

“Our first session [at Ipswich] was open to the fans. But nobody came. My first day – you’d have thought a couple of school kids would have been dragged in by a dad or grandad. The warmth wasn’t there. Then there was the blue training kit. I don’t like f**kin’ blue. City were blue. Rangers were blue. My biggest rivals were blue. Is that childish? I couldn’t feel it – the chemistry. Me and the club. I get annoyed now, thinking that I should have been able to accept it: I was there to do a job.”

If that’s not enough to make Roy Keane your new best mate and you still need a little more evidence that Keane is a perfect fit for Villa. Ladies and Gentlemen, simply read on…

Savaging Savage

“I rang Mark Hughes. Robbie [Savage] wasn’t in the Blackburn team and I asked Mark if we could try to arrange a deal. Sparky said: ‘Yeah, yeah, he’s lost his way here but he could still do a job for you.’ Robbie’s legs were going a bit but I thought he might come up to us [at Sunderland], with his long hair, and give us a lift – the way Yorkie [Dwight Yorke] had, a big personality in the dressing room. Sparky gave me permission to give him a call. So I got Robbie’s mobile number and rang him. It went to his voicemail: ‘Hi, it’s Robbie – whazzup!’ like the Budweiser ad. I never called him back. I thought: ‘I can’t be f**king signing that.’”

What’s not to love? And he has a gigantic beard as well!



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Extracts from Roy Keane: The Second Half, is published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson,




  1. As one of the anti Keane brigade when he came, I hold my hands up and say he’s been good so far. And he is rapidly winning my respect, wish he had kept the beard though.

  2. Brilliant! Legend Keane! Oh and if Grealish can’t decide who he wants to play for I don’t think he would be good for Ireland! He needs to want to play for the flag, be proud of his Irish roots, otherwise his whole heart won’t be in it! UTV

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