Premier League Team Shirt Price Comparison 2022/23 Season

Premier League Shirt Prices Comparison

In the club’s press release for the new Aston Villa Castore kit, it states that “all kits are priced in line with Premier League benchmarking”.

How should that be interpreted? As in line with a Premier League average? Offering good value compared to the rest of the Premier League? Match Villa’s standing in the league (Villa finished 11th and 14th in the past couple of seasons)?

An inspection of the retail prices of all the Premier League shirts, that have been released so far, sees Aston Villa’s shirt very much at the top end of Premier League pricing.

The standard replica shirt price is only topped by the pricing of the ‘Super League Six’ shirts.

The six teams with shirt prices more expensive than Villa’s £65 Castore home shirt are:

Spurs (Nike) with the most expensive shirt at £75, followed by Chelsea (Nike) at £74.95, then come both the Manchester clubs (Adidas and Puma) and Arsenal (Nike), who are selling their shirts at £70, with Liverpool (Nike) pitching up at £69.95.

Pro Pricey

When it comes to the Pro shirts though, only Spurs (£115) and Chelsea (£114.95) are actually more expensive than the Castore Aston Villa and Newcastle offerings at £110.00 and Wolves (£105).

Both the Manchester clubs and Arsenal price their’s at £100, with Liverpool at £99.95.

Several clubs have elected not to bother with having a ‘Pro’ version.

In the case of Villa, it’s hard to justify the £45 price difference between the standard replica shirt and the pro one.

Do people really need a ‘Pro’ version of the shirt, if they don’t actually play for the club? Apart from building up someone’s fragile self-esteem (by having the more expensive shirt) or helping them cosplay, the only other reason often used as an excuse to front up the cash is it cuts a better fit for more athletic types.

OK, so does that warrant a £45 price increase? Villa aren’t exactly giving you an incentive to stay in shape, are they?

MOMS tips its hat to Crystal Palace, who ditch the marketing baloney of made-up sci-fi terms to describe the fabric used to justify it’s pro status, by offering its supporters a ‘body fit’ version of their replica shirt for the same price of £55.

That’s smart of them and makes a mockery of the other clubs aiming to increase the profit margins by charging three figures for a version of the replica shirt.

Premier League Shirt Price Comparisons

TeamMakeStandard Shirt PricePro Fit Price
Aston VillaCastore£65.00£110.00
BrentfordUmbro(£49 last season)N/A
Crystal PalaceMacron£55.00£55.00 (Body Fit)
FulhamAdidas(£60 last season)N/A
Leeds UnitedAdidas(£60 last season – delayed)N/A
Leicester CityAdidas£63N/A
Manchester CityPuma£70£100.00
Manchester UnitedAdidas£70£100.00
Newcastle UnitedCastore£65£110.00
Nottingham ForestMacron£59.50N/A
West HamUmbro£65N/A

Good Shirt Practice

As well as Crystal Palace offering up a ‘Body fit’ shirt for the same price, other notable offerings are both Bournemouth and West Ham offering up an unsponsored adult shirt option.

Other notable hat tips include to Bournemouth and West Ham, with both teams actually offering an unsponsored shirt option, so fans can avoid the unfortunate position of actually paying to be human advertising boards for the club sponsor.

Something that I hope will become a regular fixture is the option of a long-sleeve shirt. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Macron, the last shirt brand to offer Villa shirts in long-sleeve versions?

This season, Castore offer up Rangers and Wolves shirts in long-sleeve (Wolves are doing theirs with a third-party under licence).

In the Premier League, as well as Wolves, Everton, West Ham, Manchester City and Manchester United are also currently selling long-sleeve shirts.

On a final note, if you think Villa were late with their kit launch, even with the changeover from Kappa to Castore to consider, Leeds United fans apparently won’t be able to buy their new Adidas shirt until August.

Their shirt will debut in Brisbane, Australia, as part of the pre-season tournament Villa are also involved in, but delays in the design have substantially held back production.


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