Old Aston Villa Manager Song Gets Massive Upgrade

Unai Emery Song – a Blast From the Recent Past

Once upon a time Aston Villa supporters were desperate. They believed in an owner because he tweeted emojis, and in a manager, who had never completed a second season with any team. Still, it didn’t stop them optimistically making a song about them.

Doctor Tony Went to Rome…

“Doctor Tony went to Rome in a Ford Mondeo

Brought us back a manager – Robert Di Matteo!”

The song or the fraudsters (did Tony Xia actually have a enough money to buy a Ford Mondeo, never mind a football club?) did little to help Villa in their quest to get promoted out of the Championship at the first time of asking. Instead, they finished languishing 13th in the Championship table, laying the foundations for an embarrassing three-season period in the second-tier and a close brush with administration, after struggles to paid a £4.2m tax bill to HMRC.

Dark days indeed, but credit where it’s due, it was a catchy tune.

Ultimately, it was a waste of a song, but once bitten, twice shy, so Villa supporters have been obviously cautious in revamping it for new managers since.

Christian Purslow Went to Spain…

That is, until Unai Emery rode into town. Since the Spaniard took charge at Villa on November 1st, they have the third best record in the Premier League and only Arsenal can better their results on the road.

Cue the song being dusted down and reimagined. The CEO/Owner has been upgraded. The car has been upgraded (and the owners can actually afford it). But most importantly, the manager has been massively upgraded.

While it probably doesn’t have the comedic edge, or fits as good, lyrically, there’s no doubt this one will last a lot longer than its predecessor.

“Christian Purslow went to Spain, in a Lamborghini…

Brought us back a manager – Super Unai Emery!”


Aston Villa fans away at Leicester City singing the Unai Emery song… a distinct upgrade on a former Villa manager chant! #AVFC #AstonVilla #europaleague #lcfc #afc

♬ original sound – MOMS


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  1. Jokers, you villa fans, can’t wait till the losing run starts, you will be hounding emery out, horrible fans and horrible club, worse than the Newcastle lot

  2. Not sure about the song but I am of this Dean Smith put most of this team together a big thanks for that but now we have got a manager who is showing us just how good these players can be

  3. Pls, what’s the original song called, that are used for the two chants below?

    Unai Emery song 1
    Melody: ?

    We’ve got super Unai Emery,
    He knows exactly what we need,
    Konsa at the back,
    Bailey in attack,
    Villas going to Europa league

    Unai Emery song 2
    Melody: ?

    Christian Purslow went to Spain in a Lamborghini,
    brought us back a manager,
    Super Unai Emery

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