Next Up at the Crease of Aston Villa Goalkeepers – Joe Gauci

A Beginner’s Guide to Joe Gauci

An Australian international Goalkeeper with his best years ahead of him? The last Aussie Goalkeeper at Villa Park wasn’t bad at all.

Here’s the brass tacks skinny guide on Villa’s latest signing…

Joe Gauci – The 5 W’s


Joe Anthony Gauci, Born on 4th July 2000 is Villa’s proposed solution to the Robin Olsen weakness. That weakness is that whenever he plays the whole team loses confidence and look like losing.

Gauci is young for a goalkeeper at 23 and has played for Central Coast Mariners, Adelaide City and Melbourne City in development. He made his name in the A-League with Adelaide United making 71 appearances.

He’s also been capped twice so far for the senior Australian team.


A goalkeeper with a bit of character as his introduction video showed, would be the main thing needed for anyone to be an understudy to Emi Martinez.

Anyone nicknamed ‘The Great Wall of Gauci’ needs a strong ego to not have it be a joke used against them.

Hopefully, this nickname will carry over to Villa and not ‘Primark Gucci’ which is the easy choice, when compared to Aston Villa goalkeepers before Martinez.


The bench, the cups and friendlies to begin with until he learns the ways of Emery’s side.

Hopefully, we will not be seeing too much of the Aussie shot-stopper this season, and if we do, it says a lot about both him and Robin Olsen.


It’s forward planning as well as upgrading a clear weakness in the matchday squad.

Robin Olsen isn’t good enough for a top Premier League side, and that’s exactly what Aston Villa are at present. While he has had a couple of good performances, the body of work is well in the negative.

Gauci looks to be Martinez light, decent record in big-game penalties, good at one-on-ones, and is adept with the ball at his feet.

Gauci saved two penalties in the 22-23 Australian Cup quarter-final, and in his first international cap, despite losing against Ecuador, was singled out by coach Graham Arnold for his performance.


Aston Villa’s goalkeepers tend to be of the extremes. Either club legends like Rimmer, Spink, Bosnich and Martinez or absolute trainwrecks. (Insert your worst here).

Gauci, is young, with a good reputation and exactly the kind of understudy Martinez needs. One who is happy with the role until it’s his time.

The bar is low for substitute goalkeepers, so Joe Gauci is coming into bat on an easy wicket – how typically Australian of him.


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