Legia Warsaw Thugs Failed Attempt at Storming the Holte End and Loss of Respect

Aston Villa vs Legia Warsaw

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Shameful‘Causing or deserving shame.’

(Collins Dictionary) 

The Carter Report

By Rob Carter

On what should have been a joyous night of European football at Villa Park, events off the pitch dominated the headlines, rather than events on it.

On the pitch, Villa avenged their 3-2 defeat in Warsaw in a fairly economical manner, with excellently taken goals by Moussa Diaby & Alex Moreno, leaving them only needing a point to guarantee top spot in Group E.

Off the pitch, the situation was less salubrious.

In the run up to the game, we had known about the reputation of Legia’s away following when visiting foreign climes. From running battles in Madrid with Spanish police in 2016, to unsavoury scenes at Leicester City, two seasons ago, and more recently at AZ Alkmaar (after which they were banned from travelling to Zrinjski Mostar). The Polish club’s ticket allocation had been cut to just 1,002 (including hospitality) in anticipation of trouble, and, as events played out, this decision was vindicated.

On our approach to the stadium at around 7:15pm, walking in from Perry Barr, all seemed calm until we got to the (formerly McDonalds) roundabout at Witton Lane.  Everything seemed different to the usual pre-match experience, with large groups of men, many on mobile phones, milling about and generally looking menacing.  As we tried to walk up Witton Lane itself, we quickly saw that the police had barricaded the road off.  Beyond the barricade, there were chaotic scenes, with flares going off and general disorder.  I spoke to a visibly shaken police officer, who told us to take a detour, which routed us around the back of the Villa club shop.

We were more than happy to do so.

Upon entering the stadium we quickly realised that Legia’s fans had not been granted access, which again seems a wise decision in retrospect.

On the Holte End, we were aware of trouble to our left, as we looked at the pitch, and subsequent footage confirmed that this was due to groups of Legia fans throwing objects into the stadium from street level (including several condiments from burger vans, with varying degrees of accuracy).

After half-time, the guy who sits next to me told me that Legia fans had been attempting to gain access to the Holte concourse from outside (hence the club’s warnings during the game, about certain areas being not accessible at half-time). Thankfully, they were unsuccessful.

On the way out of the stadium, we were nervous as we anticipated more trouble, and our fears were realised as we saw a Villa fan with blood streaming down his face, in the vicinity of the McDonalds roundabout.

On the way home we heard the news that police officers had been injured, as well as their dogs and horses.

At the time of writing, 46 men have been charged with various offences relating to the trouble, including someone carrying a knife. Villa also announced they had lodged an official compliant to UEFA.


Attending this game felt like going back to the 1980’s.  The only hope now is that UEFA take decisive action against Legia and prevent further trouble like Witton Lane experienced. Their club failed to acknowledge their transgressions and in their latest statement, tried to distance themselves from their own fans in an attempt to swerve a UEFA backlash. 

The Polish club’s laughable response to the situation (basically blaming everyone but their own fans and themselves) sums up their attitude. The respect that Legia Warsaw fans gained from Villa fans that had travelled to Warsaw – despite the rest of Europe’s views on them – was lost instantly in an evening of madness.

Onwards & upwards.


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  1. David payne. I dont know who are you but I dont divide people for polish or not polish. You are fucked racist and thats it. Aston villa and english police did racist act. They knew we will not enter this stinky villa ground. They fucked our human rights. They closed and locked us for two h in cold temprature. If this happen to you english “fans” in Warsaw you could escalete this to 3rd world war. Hypocrits. Just start using your little brains.

  2. Please stop printing comments from the Polish “fan” Marcin – they only go to show how dillusional he is.

  3. David, you have nothing to say. Who brought weapon? Where did you hear about any weapon? Bbc? Medis loves idiots who listing them. How can you take weapon at the aiport is it logic? Police escalated this conflict. The locked 2.5 k angry football fans where plenty items tk throw. Car park was full of bricks and other builders materials, locked people used them to free. I was there! I didnt see this shit in tele. I was in the miidle of this „fight”. Police is the only responsibility for this issue. They were poorly prepared for this. Then again they pushed 2.5k people thru small street next tk the car park. There were again 100s of items to throw included 100s of old tyres which it was very easy to burn! It was very close to parked cars and Houses!!! I can say police made this evning nightmare for everyone. And media showed „sensantional news” but this duscusion is point less as you all were there and saw everything.
    Ps regarding horses and tanks… mate I am sorry but you didnt understand again. It showes you are random and you can not use your brain!! Like your police forces.

  4. All so hard done by , you only came to fight the police , like you have done time and again before , and expect to just be let in the stadium , unfortunately just like the English found out over the years decent fans get tarnished by the people who come and cause trouble , but obviously with the amount of firepower that legia fans bought with them and weapons taken off fans even at the airport which some even admitted they had come to fight with police , so save yourself the embarrassment of claiming mistreatment etc you reap what you sow ! Then start spouting off about the war lol unreal and delusional , and “ officer even getting burned comment like it was an accident , again delusional , and “ if we don’t have tanks we fight with our hands “ unbelievable , you were at villa park Aston mate not the Somme , your stupid comments and childlike rant and mentality is exactly the reason the right decision was made to not let you lot in the stadium . UTV

  5. If we have no tanks, we always use our hands to fight. We are brave people. 20-50 west midlands police it was nothing for us. WE diceded to go back. They pushed us to town, this conflict could escalate and there could me more injured and more damage. There was about 10-12 random people injured inc broken arms. I didnt read about this in sny of shitty english news. Again you manipulators people and should be separated from others. Provocators! 2h before game start our officials decided to stay in hotel and watch a game there. 1h before game starts polish idiots wearing police uniforms talked to us in polish -to enter car park on the left, cose lady is waiting with tickets for us. Then we trusted them and it was our mistake. Liars wearing police uniforms, no respect for behavior like this. No honour no rules- this is your country!
    We poor people from Poland paid for match tickets -never get, booked plane tickets, hotels, booked time of work. We will ask aston villa fc to get money back. I hope we will met again in final of this competition.

  6. People holding mobile phones and looking menacing…
    Having listened to a few Moms podcasts I imagine mom’s get frightened when their at Waitrose asking for a refund…..

  7. You were so scare, so you should take a week of at work or have depression. This is football not badketball or vollyball. FOOTBALL FOR FANS!
    I been there. Idiot british police officer took burning flare he catch it from wrong siede, then you all talked in media we tried to burn police officer. Why do you still manipulate? I saw villa fans frowing things on polish people at stadium. Did lwest midlands police arrested them? No cose you all chicken provocators and always stayed behind police. Shame on you english manipulators.
    You changed history as well. You lost battle of britain. Polish pilots has won this for you. No respect and no even thank you for this. You should be part of german country. Again big shame on you.

  8. I saw a couple of Legia fans at the late stile at halftime, looked like genuine fans, an old bloke with some youngsters, just trying to see the game. That would be heartbreaking if the shoe was on the other foot.

  9. Where is the McDonald’s roundabout you referred to? Is this another phantom McDonalds behind the North Stand…

  10. They need to be severely punished, it’s that simple, completely unacceptable behavior!

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