How Much Aston Villa’s Ticket Prices Are Rising

Aston Villa Ticket Price Rises for 2022/23

As part of Thursday night’s Aston Villa Fan Consultation Group meeting with Christian Purslow, amongst discussing several key Villa-related topics over two-and-a-half hours, MOMS and other fan reps were presented with a strategic review of Aston Villa’s ticket pricing from the last ten years, with prices benchmarked against a wide range of Premier League clubs and other local entertainment pricing.

In some of the analysis charts, Villa were only behind Burnley and Watford in terms of ticket value.

While it’s widely believed over the years that Villa Park has generally been reasonably priced in the context of the Premier League, the presence of a 22,000 season ticket waiting list obviously emboldens a club to increase prices, when they have taken a financial hit during the Covid-19 period (when there was over a lost season of match day revenue) and are keen to be competitive in the transfer market to reach their targets on the pitch.

A price rise was to be expected. The problem is for supporters, three years in the Championship, had previously slowed down the potential for price rises, add that to the lost season to Covid, and a jump in price was to be expected.

Instead of a slow consistent increase over the years, if Villa had stayed in the Premier League and there hadn’t been any Covid, a 10-year period data analysis was only going to lead to the conclusion of a price hike.

Social media rumours prior to the meeting had suggested there was to be a blanket 30% price increase in tickets. Such reckless wildfire is no use to anyone. The club gets it in the neck, while it works as a softener for the actual price rise.

Underlining 10% Minimum Increase

Ultimately, there will be a decrease in concession rates and less price zoning systems, so several areas will go up a price bracket. Then there will be an additional increase of 10 per cent across the stadium.

For example, the Lower North will no longer be ‘Zone 5’, as that category will be dispensed with in the simplifying of category tiers. Thus that section will fall in Zone 4 pricing. So to work out your ballpark price for an audit ticket next season, look up this season’s zone 4 price and add 10%

The mid-section of the Lower Holte is another area that will see a zone increase to a similar zone to the mid-section of the Upper Holte. The same calculation as above can be applied, although this time using the zone 2 price.

If you’re in the Upper Holte, say K4, which is zone 2, you’d be privy to a 10% rise.

The major problem in MOMS eyes is when you have a family unit that are in an area of the ground that has a zone price jump, are privy to concessions being cut, and a 10% increased on top of that, you’re potentially looking a serious compounding in price increase.

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