This season actually ended a long time ago, probably as early as December, but Villa were finally put out of their misery as the curtain came down on the shocking 2015/2016 season.

It was a season of unprecedented failure in the history of the club

Villa finished an amazing 64 points behind Leicester City. Villa’s three wins in the whole season is what a decent team could have pulled off in just a week, if they had a mid-week game. It was a season of unprecedented failure in the history of the club.

The buck is very much at the feet of Lerner and his false messiah, Tom Fox. The ex-Villa CEO ultimately failed in his overhaul of the club, while Lerner sought a buyer. Unfortunately, Lerner was as good at selling a club, as he was at running one.

A massive overhaul is needed for this club to make it’s way back. To swing a club from winning only three games to one that will need to win a majority of games next season, will be no mean task. For starters, a new owner and manager need putting in place and the latest rumours of the past week don’t exactly fire-up much encouragement that we’re about to get some miracle workers.

While we continue to limp along in limbo, here’s five reasons to be cheerful as Aston Villa fans…


5. We’ll be Back

Well, let’s hope so. It would really take an incredible turnaround for that to happen next season though. To be blunt, Villa just don’t have a team at the moment and the current set up would fail in the Championship too.

Everyday that passes without a new owner, the less chance the club have of a return back. There’s so much to do at the club in terms of turning it around, both on and off the pitch, yet there has been no mention of a promotion mission next season from anyone at the club. The focus needs to be on this NOW and our stall needs to be set out.

Currently, the odds are out at 14/1 for Villa to win the Championship title. For the optimistic, it might be worth a punt though, as those odds won’t hang around for long, once a new owner and manager inspire some direction for the season ahead.

The rest of this month will certainly be interesting when it comes to getting a feel for Villa’s short-term future, at least.



  1. Agreed, how you have managed to find inspiration to do it for the last 4 years is a miracle.
    Something we need at the club pretty soon if villa want to stay in the championship let alone win it…

  2. Great round up David. How you’ve done it for 5 seasons on the trot…amazing achievement, and so optimistic too! You’ve earned a break, more than anyone in the Villa squad….


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