Lets not beat around the bush, what is happening at the club is a disgrace. Recently humbled by two relegation threatened teams in their last two games, Aston Villa aren’t even in a relegation battle after the Christmas, they are cut adrift at the foot of the table 11 points from safety after an astonishing 19 games without a win.

And…they couldn’t even beat Wycombe Wanderers teams in the cup. In contrast, the last couple of times they’ve travelled for cup games at Adams Park , Villa have won by five goals.

Whatever Aston Villa CEO Tom Fox may talk about enduring short-term pain for longer term gain, don’t listen. No good football plan involves allowing a team to sink so dramatically. No good business plan for a Premier League club involves the club getting relegated from the league to then miss out on the massively increasing television revenue that next season offers up.

The time has come for Aston Villa supporters to purposely engage in the matters of their club, you can’t let a bunch of American business men ruin it any longer. Together, supporters are a huge and powerful consumer group – to use the football business vernacular – but we must be united to be strong.

Meanwhile, here’s five reasons to be cheerful as Aston Villa fans…




Finally more Villa supporters are waking up to the reality of what is happening at their club. MOMS has always laid out the reality of the situation since we began, from the Mcleish appointment onwards. Most supporters have been savvy to what’s been going on, while others have been in denial and have always thought that Lerner and the club’s board knew best and that questioning them was being ‘negative’.

The only thing ‘negative’ is burying your head in the sand. I’m I going to stand idly by while the club I’ve supported for decades since i was a kid, dies a slow death at the hands of people whose interest in the club has only spanned months or a few years at the most?

No. Is the answer to that. What about you?

Remember it was this time last year that MOMS alongside two other Villa blogs proposed a demonstration of Holte Enders not taking their seat for the first eight minutes and then giving over the top support for the remaining 82.

This successfully got Villa’s plight on the newspaper’s back pages and on TV for a whole week leading up to the game against Liverpool. It helped put a focus and pressure on the Villa board, although the best response they seemed to come up with a week later was the PR stunt of Fabian Delph’s ‘new contract’.


Now is the time for more than just petitions and retweets of memes. As Villa supporters we must advance on from mere slacktivism.



noun / informal

 1. actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement, e.g., signing an online petition or joining a campaign group on a social media website.

Watch this space and get your thinking caps on.

Also, we need to stay cool and channel our anger and frustration elsewhere, so the media does not dismiss supporters as animals ala the videos below:

Wycombe Verbals

Sunderland Verbals


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  1. The only thing Randy Lerner and Tom Fox are interested about is money. I’m sorry the only thing to do is bycott the games and to stop putting your money into there pockets. Then they might listen to the fans .Newcastle did it a couple years ago and it worked. Lerner and Fox will just carry on destroying our team until we do something about it.

  2. Yes we’re going down, yes we’re playing rubbish and yes we haven’t bought wisely, but we need to look at ourselves as fans too. Villa park has been full of negativity for a few years now. In the two previous seasons, the team has done better away from home than at Villa park – I believe that’s because the away fans have been vocal and supportive no matter what, while the home fans drain all confidence from the players. If the away fans are turning on the players, then all hope is lost.
    I agree with trevorfisher2 – any action needs to be done with respect and dignity, otherwise it won’t have my support.
    And what happens when we get rid of Lerner? Do we have a spare £billion between us? Do we have a crew of sugar-daddies lined up? ‘Cause of we don’t, just be careful what we wish for.

  3. I would support any attempt to contact slactivism, as long as it does NOT involved demonstrations inside the ground or attacks like the ones in the video or the abuse which Matt Kendrick reported in the Mail yesterday.

    We cannot blame the players for performing badly, they lack confidence and make elementary mistakes through fear. They need to know fans are on their side not on their backs. And don’t attack the manager. Calling out he doesn’t know what he is doing when he makes substitutions is not just negative, it is wrong. The team got better after the substitutions

    The lack of quality is clear – but its not the fault of Garde. Its a long term problem and fans do nothing by abuse and the videos show behaviour which is out of order – Micah Richards actually scored yesterday and the way he was treated after going over to talk to fans was rubbish.

    If fans want players signed, and the current players to fight for the club, then the swearing and abuse have to stop no question

    THen a plan to make changes at the top is vital. But it should not make Garde’s job any worse. The problem lies in NEw York.

    The man can’t hear you in New York, so what is the plan to get to him – rationally and without insults?

    Trevor Fisher

  4. I’ve got no intention to bury my head in the sand, but please don’t even suggest another 8 minute no show, or other embarrassing performance! The club is already on the market, Lerner’s had his Villa tattoo lasered off, and he’s only waiting for his parachute payment, then he will accept a lower bid and hopefully jog on back to America.
    The best suggestion that I’ve read so far was a post on Twitter originally from someone called David Powell suggesting that we turn up to party last game of the season, no crying, no abuse, just partying and singing in fancy dress, sticking 2 fingers up to the rest of the footballing world.
    A new owner is required ASAP it will happen sooner rather than later, but we must accept the reality that we are down, and true fans will stay with the club and show there support.

    • At the moment, nobody is in a partying mood. Also, dropping to the championship isn’t something to smile about and accept dressed up as the Sugar Puff honey monster.

      • You’re probably to young to remember the Pink Panther chasing the linesman at Southampton, and Henry The Eighth and the Beatles getting stuck in outside the ground.

  5. High quality videos. Made me chuckle. Sorry to see a club so rich in tradition on a one way slide but Lerner should’ve never got rid of Martin oneil. The second he walked the whole (of the sane) footballing world knew it was lower league football beckoning. I reckon Wycombe will do the rest of the job up north. Sad for the fans but hilarious for the neutral.

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