Final Call for Supporters Input in Government’s Fan-led Review into Football Governance

Fan-led Review into Football Governance

It’s been described as a once in a lifetime opportunity for football supporters to have input into the game they love and invest much of their money into. So, forget about reading more BS stories about Jack Grealish being linked to Manchester City (despite his big contract and the Villa owners ambition) and give this your focus for five minutes.

The attempts of the Super League six to reconstruct football as we know it, with absolutely zero input from actual football supporters was the final straw for even this government. Enough was enough. A fan-led review was often mooted over the last few years, as the sins against supporters and the game mounted up – from rising ticket prices to clubs going out of business (Tony Xia had a near miss in that respect).

Over the last month a panel headed up by ex-Sports Minister Tracey Crouch MP (a Spurs season ticket holder), including members from across the football world (see all members here), have been interviewing all the stakeholders involved in the game.

MOMS was involved a few weeks ago, when the panel met with Football Supporters Association Premier League Network of supporter reps and the panel has also interviewed the likes of Villa CEO Christian Purslow in their evidence-gathering sessions.

You can see the panel’s full Terms of Reference here.

Have Your Say

Now the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport is asking supporters for individual submissions to the review via a new survey covering a range of core issues affecting the game.

The survey, which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, asks fans for their views on the current state of the regulations governing the footballing pyramid. It also seeks supporters’ views on golden shares, an independent football regulator, protections for club heritage and much more.

Fan-led Review survey: Take part now…

An interim report will be made available later this month, with the final report published in October 2021. It will cover clubs who compete in the English pyramid system.

Have your say.