FIFA Compensation Amount to Aston Villa for Release of Players for Qatar World Cup

Aston Villa’s FIFA Compensation Amount

This week, FIFA unveiled details of how much their Club Benefits Programme paid in compensation for clubs that released players for the Qatar World Cup last year.

A sum of $209 million (approximately £159 million) was distributed amongst 440 clubs from 51 different countries whose players were at the tournament at the end of last year.

FIFA pay a daily amount of $10,950 for each of 837 footballers at the World Cup, regardless of how many minutes they played during the tournament. Compensation was paid not only to the club from each individual player was released by, but also to any club that the player has represented in the two seasons prior to the World Cup (to cover qualifying rounds).

So, in the case of Aston Villa, the amount of $834,058 (circa £637,500) they received, included a payment for Jack Grealish being registered as a Villa player for the 2020/21 season.

With the World Cup taking place before the Unai Emery revolution, it’s no surprise to see Villa as only the 14th highest team in the Premier League, in terms of their total compensation amount

Also, not surprising is the fact that Wolves aka the Portuguese national team, received around twice as much as Villa with $1,632,527. While, also locally, Birmingham City received $241,822, while West Brom pocketed $177,032.

How much Villa got from FIFA for Emi Martinez and Jack Grealish

English Clubs Top

Of the 46 English clubs that received a payment, unsurprisingly, Manchester City were top, receiving $4,596,445 (approximately £3.5 million), while at the other end of the scale, Lincoln City received $46,539, with Wigan receiving the lowest amount of $19,163.

Within Europe, English clubs received the most income from via FIFA’s scheme, as they took home $37.70m (£29.03m), which was 23.73% of UEFA’s pot.

This was followed by teams in Spain at $24.40m (£18.78m), Germany $21m (£16.17m), while Italy – who didn’t even qualify for the World Cup – saw their clubs receive $18.70m (£14.40m). French sides completed the top five with $16.60 (£12.78m) in compensation, which is ironic considering their national team got to the final.

Top English Club Club Benefits Programme Earners

Here is a list of the top 17 English clubs in terms of compensation for the release of players for the Qatar World Cup:

  1. Manchester City: $4,596,445
  2. Chelsea: $3,255,016
  3. Manchester United: $3,326,194
  4. Tottenham: $2,831,599
  5. Liverpool: $2,413,658
  6. Arsenal: $2,070,544
  7. Brighton: $1,753,894
  8. Wolves: $1,632,527
  9. Leicester: $1,570,474
  10. Fulham: $1,328,652
  11. Brentford: $1,145,232
  12. Newcastle United: $985,539
  13. West Ham: $960,900
  14. Aston Villa: $834,058
  15. Everton: $755,580
  16. Crystal Palace: $727,291
  17. Leeds: $642,645
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