Ex-Villan Dion Dublin Gives Frank Views on Lambert’s Villa

Unlike Savage, Dublin doesn’t reckon Villa are heading for the drop


Ex-Villa favourite Dion Dublin did the interview rounds for the League Cup this week. He gave his views on Villa’s plight to FourFourMagazine (link below for full interview). Current squad strength, Lambert, Villa fans and relegation all addressed.



…One thing I will say about Villa is that I do like Paul Lambert; I think he’s a good manager. I think he’ll turn things round, it’s just will he get the time from the people above him and the fans? Having known the Villa fans well, they do lose their sense of humour very quickly when their team’s not doing well: he has his work cut out.

Things aren’t running too smoothly for Villa at the moment, can you put your finger on why that is?

I don’t think Aston Villa as a football club have got enough good players. If you look at the squad that I was in, Paul Merson, George Boateng, Stan Collymore, David James, Ugo Ehiogu, Gareth Southgate, Steve Staunton – all well-known Premier League footballers. We didn’t achieve anything either, so I’m not pulling the ladder up, but that is a much better squad – 10 times better than the manager has at the moment. Paul Lambert needs a bit of help, they do need to loosen the purse strings a bit and let the manager do his job and bring some players in.

[Villa] aren’t far from the drop zone. If you had to name the three teams who’ll go down, who would it be?

It’s difficult. I don’t think Reading have done too well. Norwich will find it hard this season, even though they had a great result recently against Arsenal – unfortunately you’ve got to be consistent. Villa won’t go down, they need to turn it around and they’ll be in that fight but I don’t think they’ll go down. I do think Reading will struggle, I’m hoping Norwich don’t struggle but in recent weeks it’s looked that way. Those two teams at least will be in and about.


See  FourFourTwo magazine’s website for the full interview on his other clubs and the Kick It Out Controversy

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