Euros to Premier League Transition Begins for Villa

Euros to Premier League Transition

With Aston Villa making their traditional summer trip to the Bescot Stadium this evening to kick-off their pre-season matches, the summer completes a full transition from the Euros to the new Premier League season. ‘Next season’ is now ‘this season’, as the 2021/22 Premier League kicks off in a matter of weeks, with Villa’s visit to Watford.

Before MOMS casts its eyes fully to 2021/22, there’s some unfinished business from the My Old Man Said podcast. Due to some technical issues on the part of our podcast hosting company, the last episode’s release was delayed, so our hour-long debrief from the Euros just released this week.

In it, as well as catching up on the latest Villa news and ‘The Three Points’, we boil down England’s experience in the Euros final into three key ideas to hopefully make sense of what went down.

The next episode, which locks onto the upcoming season, will be out at the start of next week, after we’ve got the first couple of pre-season games in the bag.


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