‘European Nights to Relegation Fights’ Randy Lerner Out Song

Randy Lerner Out Song

The highlighting of Randy Lerner turning Aston Villa into a laughing stock began to get very vocal in the stands at the away trip to Stoke City, after a new supporter song began to break out in earnest.

While the tune isn’t original (Arsenal and Sunderland have used it) the words offer a very decent sing-a-song and are bang on point, as it proved with its continuous airing before and throughout the game at the Britannia Stadium.

The funniest thing was various TV commentators during their commentaries expressing how Villa supporters never stopped backing their team, the BBC one even asked Rémi Garde a question about receiving great support despite the club’s woes. They didn’t seem to realise the Villa fans were letting their feelings known about their the shambolic work of the clubs owner Randy Lerner.

This season Villa have suffered more league defeats than they have points, which is quite frankly embarrassing.

Randy Lerner Out Song


“We want Lerner out,

Randy Lerner out,

I just don’t think you understand.

From European nights to relegation fights,

We want Randy Lerner out.”


When it comes to supporters showing their disgust at what is happening at the club, loud voices from the stands are a must, so this song is a great start. Supporters also have three months of potential deadwood games to come this season, so there’s plenty of chance to develop a whole songbook of songs and chants aimed at the Villa board. Get your thinking caps on for a song about Tom Fox, who’s decisions have been directly responsible for Villa’s accelerated decline this season.

It’s just a shame we can’t be singing about more joyous times, there’s a long fight ahead before we can think about doing that again though.

In the meantime, get this song learnt for the next home game against Everton and for the rest of the season.


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  1. Colin Gale – a piece of good advice. You have 2 eyes, 2 ears and one mouth. Suggest you look and listen twice as much as you speak. Take the blindfold off matey because at the moment you talk utter rubbish,

  2. Tom Fox , Tom Fox ruined our beautiful club
    Tom Fox, tom Fox ruined our beautiful club
    he promised us Europe, instead we go down
    Tom Fox ruined our beautiful club.
    ( to the we shall not be moved tune)
    i do have a few others as well im currently working on. will send this to you again via email if you want

  3. It was like a eureka moment and the penny finally dropped stand as one focus in one clear direction and as loud as we can tell the nation we follow the name of Aston Villa and except our teams fate BUT we will focus our combined voice on those who drag us into the abyss It was so funny hearing the jokes the songs the good times for the supporters had come back Tuesday has got to be the same momentum is everything ,walkout great stay away great but I for one as always will again sing and tell those grey suits to question who their parents are and as for Lerner we sing you name in shame you are a nose in disguise a utter low life so stay loyal to yourself keep the faith and Villa till we die.

  4. And fans wonder WHY Randy stopped going to matches with all the vocal abuse he’s had since before he stopped attending matches !

    • Colin, when are you going to face the reality of what’s going on at the club? No wonder you’ve been banned from most Villa forums; your constant defence of the men in the wrong does get boring. BTW – the song isn’t abusive.

      • But what is the reality .of the situation ? The one in which those who opposed Lerner buying the club from the onset or the current one where Hollis & King are trying to rescue us from the doom .
        Lerner has held his hand up to making mistakes , but a lot forget that it was his money that got us into Europe even if that was an abject failure and probably gave many fans too much hope for glory . As for defending him that’s because although I don’t have his money I probably think more like him than most . It’s not nice being abused because you do what you think is for the best yet others see it differently and they are followed by the rabble ,and your not .
        But talk of rabble leads nicely to another point and that is that those leading the charge are frequently not those generating the anger of a mob , and thus it can be in other scenarios . But we are talking about Villa and all that is wrong and to me it seems that fans anger may well be directed in the wrong directions . Lerner & Fox may well be the figure heads towards which the anger is directed but are they totally to blame , or is/has their work been undermined by others ? I suspect it has and that the protests have been aiding those profiting whilest others take the blame . It may also hamper the work hopefully being done by Hollis & King to prepare the way for the club to have major changes in the summer
        But little or nothing can be done about the team/squad until the summer as the FA rules will not allow it and although relegation seems a certainity it is not yet a mathematical certainity so perhaps the idea of partying until the end of the season is perhaps better than the protests

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