Christian Benteke’s Old Club to Profit if he Leaves Aston Villa

With news gathering that Liverpool have triggered Christian Benteke’s release clause of £32.5 million, it’s worth considering how much Villa will actually receive.

If Benteke is to go (it has to be considered that recently Tim Sherwood seemed to think such an eventuality this summer seemed unlikely), then Benteke’s former club Racing Genk are reportedly privy to 15% of any profit over £8 million according to Belgian journalist Kristof Terreur, who to his credit has close links to Belgian players and their agents playing in England.


Terreur is a guy we’ve followed since Benteke arrived at Villa, and he is normally a rational source of information on Benteke.

So, the maths of that leave be Villa needing to pay Genk £3,675,000 of the Benteke release clause amount of £32.5 million.

However, if Benteke’s mind is made up to go and along with Liverpool, Manchester United follow-up their reported interest, then maybe Benteke’s price could go up further, thus both increasing Villa’s windfall and Genk’s payment. But unlikely, as the decision to which club gets him, would be with Benteke if release triggered.

Whatever happens, you’d expect this situation to potentially be done and dusted by the weekend either way, unless Liverpool and United enter a prolonged bidding war over the Belgian striker’s personal terms.


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    • True, it’s a big maybe. Assuming that the release clause has really been met. But hypothetically, if Villa insist on £32.5 mil upfront and one club says sorry deal off, while the other one says, ‘we can give you £20 mil now, but we’ll give you £15 mil in January’, adding extra £ to make-up for lack of full upfront payment, there is a chance of getting more if deals are being made on timing of payment. Just keeping an open mind.

  1. As long as the price is met lets push on and get a replacement in ASAP.Charlie Austin anybody,UTV

  2. Was coming really, I think we need to go straight out and sign Austin, I can’t really think of another striker available of a good age, who knows the league and who could be relied on to start banging the goals in immediately.

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