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#19 – Message to Liverpool Fans from Villa Fans

 Update: Thanks  - 16 Dec 2012 The original post below was first used to help rally the support of Liverpool fans for the Petrov applause...

Agbonlahor Goes into Hiding After Death Threats From Fans of Louis Tomlinson

Gabriel Agbonlahor finds a way to attract girls, in particular, Louis Tomlinson fans Lets face it, Gabriel Agbonlahor was never going to get the attention...

Aston Villa vs Celtic Tribute for Stiliyan Petrov Proposal

£19 ticket Aston Villa vs Celtic Tribute Idea After discussions with fellow Villa supporters on the MOMS Facebook page, the following letter below was sent to Aston Villa...

Aston Villa Football Club’s response to Villa vs Celtic for Stan

Aston Villa vs Celtic for Stan Any plans? Update 26/4/12: MOMS spoke to Villa on the 24th April about the situation regarding the potential match, but...

‘Our Captain’ – The Bulgarian reaction to Petrov

MOMS wanted to acknowledge and also make Villa fans aware of the great support of Stan that has swept through his native Bulgaria for...

Paul Lambert’s Aston Villa DNA – A Perfect Fit?

Paul Lambert's Villa Qualities Of all the young and vibrant managers that Villa were looking at, it’s difficult to pick a better young manager that...
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