Aston Villa vs Celtic Tribute for Stiliyan Petrov Proposal

£19 ticket Aston Villa vs Celtic Tribute Idea

After discussions with fellow Villa supporters on the MOMS Facebook page, the following letter below was sent to Aston Villa FC to encourage the arranging of a pre-season fixture between the two former European Champions that Stiliyan Petrov has spent over ten-years of his playing career at.

The feeling is replicated on other Villa fan forums and pages, and also Celtic ones too.

Some cynics, who clutch at straws questioning the idea, point to the trouble at the 1976 friendly game between Villa and Rangers, but as well as that being a generation away and a different team, the hooligan element is nothing like it was in the 70’s. Also, in recent years, Villa and Celtic have shared very close-ties through having common managers and players. It is also a very rarely played fixture in football history, which is a shame considering both club’s history.

The match would time nicely with both the 30th Anniversary of Aston Villa’s 1982 European Cup win in Rotterdam and also the 45th Anniversary of Celtic’s 1967 European Cup win in Lisbon. So there could be a double celebration at half-time.

But more importantly, our strongest bond is the fact that Stiliyan Petrov is a member of both our football families, and now, he needs the support of both of them.

Content of LetterProposed Details of the Match

Due to the overwhelming support and emotion shown for Aston Villa’s captain Stiliyan Petrov at both Villa Park and Celtic Park over the weekend, many Aston Villa supporters from our My Old Man Said supporter’s group universally support the idea of a pre-season tribute match in honour of Stiliyan Petrov at Villa Park against Celtic football club.

If it is possible to fit in both club’s pre-season calender, money from the fixture could be raised for a major Leukaemia charity of Stan’s choice.

It would be the ultimate tribute to Villa’s captain, a great event to raise awareness of Leukaemia, and also provide a great summer fixture for Villa fans, many of which, think fondly of Celtic. Half Villa/Celtic scarves could also be sold for Stan’s Leukaemia charity of choice.

One fan had the excellent idea of making the ticket price £19 in tribute to Stan’s shirt number. A one-off, specially designed £19 Petrov ticket could be produced for the game, so fans would have an instant souvenir of the special day.

To make the day even greater, since both teams are European Cup winners, the element of it being the 30th anniversary of Villa’s 1982 triumph and the 45th anniversary of Celtic’s 1967 truimph could be included into the day.

Support Stan

[Letter ends]

We really hope the clubs bend over backwards to try to make this potential Aston Villa vs Celtic fixture happen for Stan.


Very rare previous Aston Villa vs Celtic encounters 

Aston Villa vs Celtic 1986 programme cover
1986 Friendly: Celtic 1 Villa 0 – Future Celt Paul Elliott played for Villa
1949 Friendly – Celtic 0 Aston Villa 2, Villa get revenge after Celtic had won 2-1 at Villa Park in 1947
Anybody at this game in 1901?! Villa 2 Celtic 1


  1. i think this would be a fantastic idea stan is a hero at both clubs and vila v celtic for charity of his choice yes get it on. it would be even better if it was over two legs one at villa one at celtic park £19 a ticket both games . afer all celtic and villa have had a number of players who have played for both clubs also the same manager in martin o’neill.may the number 19 of both clubs make a full recovery good luck to villa .hail hail

  2. Great idea. All for this.

    We played BCFC back in 95 and to say it was hostile would be putting it extremely mildly!

    Proud to have had Stan here for seven fantastic years and whatever happens he will be fondly remembered as one of the Celtic greats. Delighted he’s been doing so well for Villa, but the shock when we heard the news on Friday was horrendous.

    My eldest bhoy is now 10 and started attending Celtic Park when legends like Sutton, Larsson, Bellamy, Mjallby, Thompson, Agathe and the like were romping it here. His hero though? “Super Stan!”

    Plays the game with a desire and also with a smile on his face. We all pray that he, firstly, successfully overcomes this illness and then, hopefully, gets back in the claret and blue.

    Hopefully our great clubs can get together to honour a great servant and a great lad.

    God bless you, Stan.

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