From Bulgaria With Love – The Unshakable Support for ‘Stanley’ Petrov

Bulgarian 19th April Petrov Love


While a shaven-headed Stiliyan Petrov was coming to the end of a tough week of treatment for his leukemnia in a London hospital, back in his homeland of Bulgaria, for whom he’s made over 100 national team appearances, a special tribute was held for the man they fondly refer to as ‘Stanley’.

Yesterday, the 19th of April, at 19.00 local time, a 19 minute tribute was held at Bulgaria’s National Stadium in Sofia. With over 5000 people attending, the tribute was also  broadcast live on Bulgarian TV and radio.


  April 19th tribute @ 19.00 in Sofia


Broadcast over the stadium’s PA was a personal message from Petrov, recorded in London.


“Good evening Bulgaria, Good evening friends! I want to thank you with all my heart for the incredible love and support you have shown in this difficult time for me and my family. There are ordeals in life in which we must be stronger than ever, and I think I have enough strength and faith to fight. I deeply appreciate this kind gesture of support from the Bulgarian people and I believe together we will win this match.” – Stiliyan Petrov


Villa's number 19 has the support of a whole country, including 60 school children dressed in national folk costume, with 10 from a school for deaf children.


And now, it’s our turn to keep the postivity and support going for our captain, with two 19th minute Villa Park tributes in the next week, in the games against Sunderland (Saturday) and Bolton (Tuesday).

Support Stan #19





Support #19