The Bacuna and Luna Song

WARNING: This isn’t a song for actual matches, as: a) you’ll never remember it, and b) it’s strictly for fun. Think of it more as a satirical look at two of Aston Villa’s fullback’s ‘defensive qualities’. Please, don’t even think to take it seriously!

Many thanks to Rob Derry for the lyrics.

To get the most from the below lyrics, it’s advised to read them while listening to the following clip of ‘Hakuna Matata’ as sung by Timon and Pumba in Disney’s The Lion King.





“Bacuna and Luna!”


[To the tune of Hakuna Matata as sung by Timon and Pumba in Disney’s The Lion King]


Bacuna and Luna! What a wonderful pair!

Bacuna and Luna! Ain’t no passing flair!

It means we’re worried for the rest of their days …

It’s their tackle-free … philosophy!

Bacuna and Luna!

Paul [Lambert]: “Bacuna and Luna?”

Tony [Moon]: “Yeah. It’s our defence!”

Paul: “What’s a defence?”

Leandro: “Dunno. We don’t have one!”

Tony: “Us two fellas will solve all your problems!”

Leandro: “That’s right. Take Antonio here … Why, when he was a young full back…”

Tony:     [sings] “When I was a young full back”

Paul: “Very nice”

Tony: “Thanks”

Leandro: “He found his throw-ins lacked a certain skill. He would jump off the ground with every ball …”

Tony: “I’m a sensitive soul though I seem unshaven
And it hurt that my teammates never let me play with them
And oh, the shame        Leandro: “He was ashamed”
Thought of changin’ my name    Leandro: “What’s in a name?”
And I got depressed        Leandro: “How did ya feel?”
Everytime that I missed” (a tackle, a pass, a throw-in)

Leandro: “Hey! Tony! Not in front of the fans!”
Tony: “Oh. Sorry”

Bacuna and Luna! What a wonderful pair
Bacuna and Luna!  One’s got too much hair.

It means we’re worried for the rest of their days …

It’s their tackle-free … philosophy!

Bacuna and Luna!


Thanks to Kurt Marcus for the Bacuna & Luna image.


  1. As a fan of both Aston Villa AND The Lion King, I think this is pretty funny, a well-intentioned self-deprecating piss-take that highlights one (actually two) of Villa’s many deficiencies this season.

    Ridiculous for anyone to accuse this blog of not supporting Villa. Ridiculous to imply this is in any way racist.

    It’s funny with a serious point – we are crap at the back. (And elsewhere.)

    And the throw-in is a fair point – we might as well let the opposition take them for us. Any player that can’t take a throw-in and thrown the ball to their own player really should not be on the team. Or should do more practice. Or something.

    My only consolation since the Chelsea game is that I’ve got a bet with a Newcastle friend that their goal difference will be worse than ours at the end of the season. We’ve both lost every game since, they’re losing by more – they find it even harder to score than us and (amazingly) are worse at the back.

    They’ve scored 3 goals in 11 games. One of those goals was to beat us. Of course.

    • At last a sensible voice thank you Richard. And after todays result well timed. Sad thing is that we have to resort to such tongue in cheek behaviour but it beats crying into my beer! We have to see some humour in it somehow else we will all end up in the funny farm! #utv

      • As the person who made the comment now being misinterpreted, let me make it clear that I do believe the MOMS site supports the Villa.

        it just has no sensible comments to make to deal with the Lerner crisis, which if not tackled will lead to season ticket holders failing to renew and a financial crisis developing.

        I posted a suggestion on the reactionary comments being made on the Fulham result.

        I wait for some constructive comments. None on this site at any point. You cannot sack Lerner or Lambert or change the resources allowed the manager

        So what do you intend to do. Write more stupid songs which are negative, or do something positive?

        Trevor FIsher

        • I’ve answered this elsewhere and commented on your so-called ‘crisis’. I’m not interested in reactionary points-of-views on a result-to-result basis. There is a clear plan in place regarding the AVST, which will provide a body to represent Villa fans, whatever the situation. These things don’t happen over night, and personally, as well as helping the AVST, I have MOMS to run and also have to find some time, somewhere to deal with my own life, which has been distracted from due to Villa matters.

          As for your persistent qualms with this Disney song, it’s a matter of taste and there’s plenty of people, who can see it for what it actually is (rather than blowing things WAY out of proportion and getting sensationalist about it). I would also advise you not to tell me, what I should or should not run on my own site.

  2. Lets get this discussion back on point … Is there a serious edge to this post? Yes Bacuna and Luna are without doubt the worst full backs this club has EVER and I really dont mind if they or PL or anyone else knows it. So yes this is tongue-in-cheek but if fans generally recognise that we have a major defensive problem at our club that could still see us get relegated this season then I for one dont care if it upsets some people. In a democracy freedom of speech is a given and I am simply expressing that view in the form of satirical humour which people usually prefer than outright bluntness … After all we are not Dutch. And talking of Dutch Bacuna has great potential as a winger which is I am sure where he would prefer to be playing. And if my little ditty helps him out then I’d be delighted. As for Luna he is just not good enough and other teams have recognised that hence why he has been dropped. I would be amazed if PL doesnt sell him on in the summer.

  3. Get a sense of humour guys … Whatever happened to the Monty Python spirit! If we dont laugh at ourselves in our current state what the hell can we do … Commit mass suicide maybe? I wrote this and have written quite a few things over the years for H&V none of which were serious. If you dont like it thats fine …

    • Most humourous/satirical pieces on MOMS seem to create some confusion. One problem is some people take everything at face value. Some of the things people have believed to be true over the past years are astonishing – even when we’ve included a warning that it’s humour. Makes you wonder if they believe everything they read in tabloid newspapers…which is worrying. Luckily most MOMS readers are smart and have a GSOH.

      • this is naïve. If MOMS think other people share their sense of humour so the joke is acceptable is as bad as those people who think it is funny to make fun of other people with disabilities. I am sick of comments about spastics and so on.

        Dealing with soccer fans is clearly a body of people which can have violent and racist and anti person beliefs, homophobic and so on. To-night the manager of Leeds is complaining people ring his phone at night to abuse him.

        Still worse, you have handed opponents of the club a weapon to use against us. I can only hope that other supporters don’t read this site as if they do and they realize they have an offensive chant to use against two of our players, they will use it.

        Have you no idea that in an away match you could have the whole of the home support singing this offensive little ditty to abuse our players? Who do you think you are dealing with? The women’s institute? This is football. Give opponents a weapon to slag us off with and they will use it with glee.

        I welcomed MOMS as a serious group of supporters, and yes I do have a sense of humour. It stopped when I had to move from the Holte end as the guy next to me was slagging off Mark Delaney for being welsh and doing things with sheep. The reality of football is a lot of viscious pe0ple. That is not funny,.

        I see Hitz only came out as gay after he retired from football. Unlike MOMS he understood that the liberal humour of a Steve Bell (who taught in Aston before his cartoon career) does not exist on the terraces.

        Wise up before you do some real damage.

        Trevor Fisher.

        • So paul mcgrath … On the piss my lord on the piss! Should we stop singing that in case we offend the AA? This is not racist sexist or anything ist … Its a humerous little ditty that at last count 113 people have liked. And as for other teams singing it … Give me a break! As I said, get a sense of humour.

          • Do any rules apply to this site? Does MOMS actually exist? Is it possible to determine what is or is not acceptable? I do not think that a bunch of anarchists thinking they can do anything simply because they like it is anything other than a recipe for chaos.

            this goes beyond a simple ditty. If MOMS thinks it can get away with abusing our players just because they find it funny, its starting to look like it has been infiltrated by anti villa elements.

            If this is possible, and there appears to be no moderation of any substance and no way to stop MOMS attacking the club. MOMS got away with taking an advert in the Mail because most fans agreed with it,

            But as MOMS is the ONLY site that conducts attacks on Villa and its players, some rules are needed and means to enforce them.

            So why not, Mr Derry, abandoning the anarchism and opting for democracy and a rule book?

            Or would stopping attacks on the club and its players be not desirable? Perhaps a meeting of fans to put this to the vote would be possible? I would favour it.

            The site did flag up a useful campaign on painting the witton road bridge, so some useful work could also be on the agenda. But first things first. Some fans liked the attack, others clearly did not.

            So why not put it to the vote? If MOMs has any element of democracy, of course.

            Trevor Fisher

            • ‘Attacking the club’??? ‘Abusing players’??? This a fun twist on a Disney song. My, my, you have a way with sensationalist semantics.

              May I remind you, that you’re the one who has been preaching that the club is in ‘crisis’.

              • yes I make comments about the club.

                I never make comments about individual players. That is out of order.

                A pity you do not understand the distinction

                Trevor Fisher

        • Trevor – what a ridiculous comment. Just re-read what you’ve written! I don’t really need to go on…but comparing it to making fun of people with disabilities and racism is clear insanity on your part.

          ‘Handed opponents of the club a weapon’ – hahaha You obviously must have a sense of humour coming up with a comment like that. a) It’s not offensive, as it’s a bit of frivolous fun and b) no other supporters would give a damn about it, or be able to remember it to sing!

          This is totally pc too, so your comparisons with racism etc are inane and ill-founded.

          A complete over-reaction.

  4. I agree. These are two young players struggling to get into a competitive league. They don’t need this. It is a disgrace.

    Bacuna is not actually a full back. Looks to be a good attacking midfield player, two of his goals were suprising and pleasurable, notably the one against Norwich.

    Lay off the players folks. this is not funny. In fact take it off the site.

    trevor fisher

  5. This site gets more and more embarrassing all the time, slating your own players even if it is just for a joke is well out of order….are you sure you lot actually support Aston Villa?

    • Seriously, you guys might want to lighten up a little bit. It’s just some light-hearted fun sent in by a reader. Although, it’s not as funny as a) your comment questioning if we actually support Aston Villa and b) Trevor’s comment telling us to take it off our site.

      • Trust me if you knew me you would know im one of the most lighthearted people you’ll ever meet – but I don’t get the whole thing being a bit of fun. Make songs up about the blues, or any other club – but one about your OWN players not being able to tackle, worried about their future? I don’t think any amount of lightening up is gonna make me think something like that is funny….

        ….I think what worries me more is that you actually think its a matter of ME needing to find it funnier, rather than realising how stupid it is to have posted

        • Well, I didn’t write it, so I can only speak on behalf of the person who did, but the spirit of it is just something a little silly, not to be taken seriously. Self-deprecating humour is something some people can’t stomach – that’s not my problem. Jokes about the Blues – zzzzz. I couldn’t give a f**k about the Blues. Anyway, lets not get our knickers in a twist over this. I’m certainly not taking it seriously at all. A few people have liked it, that’s good enough for me. You can’t please everyone. Of course, I expected some reaction from hard-nosed supporters, but really, life goes on!

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