Aston Villa’s Summer Restructure and Best Possible Transfer Deal

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Pre-season training is about to start on Monday and with football players returning from the only real available time to have a holiday, new Aston Villa signings will be announced soon. Meanwhile, the club’s preparation so far for the 2020/21 season has been concentrated in appointing key backroom staff.

The addition of Johan Lange as Villa’s new Sporting Director, throws up as many questions as it does answers, while Craig Shakespeare coming in as assistant Head Coach, was a case of opportunity knocked. After becoming a free agent after leaving Watford, the former Premier League winner with Leicester City, no doubt comes in like an insurance policy for the Villa owners, wary of the lack of Premier League experience in their coaching ranks.

Still stunned by Villa’s miracle escape the MOMS podcast team returns to catch up on events since ‘Survival Sunday’ to discuss the movers, shakers and leavers in the latest stage of the Aston Villa evolution.

Plus, we talk player data issues, Toon Army sobbing (again), the potential minefield of fans returning to stadiums, as well as kit launches, shirt retirements and throw in a hint of a transfer announcement date.

In short, it’s your best antidote to clickbait stories sourced from Villa fan Twitter farts.



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  1. Just read that Rashica doesn’t want to play for us and as we have to get 100% from every player that we sign, let’s forget him and move on, I reckon we will now go for Benrahma and Watkins who I have mixed feeling about them being Championship players, it’s crucial that we get it right this time round, we need experienced fire power and a serious goal threat every game, we can’t afford to do what we did last season let’s hope we have learnt our lesson.

  2. We need premiership players not championship players what we are being linked with .. I think couple of strikers in and a left back and centre back … plus midfielder who can get you half a dozen goals each season

  3. I watched Rashica week in week out toward the end of last season, he did for Werde Bremen what Jack for Villa, he is a combination of Grealish and McGinn, and although the German game is more technical than the English game I am sure he would soon fit in the rough and tumble, IMO what a great signing this would be as well as Jack staying, let’s not hang around and miss out again, go for what we want and let’s get them together gelling before the season starts and not start off playing catch up.UTV.

  4. Absolutely right we are historically slow and have missed out on many good deals in the past I think with players returning we need to get on with it and get the new players in ASAP, on the subject of players I think Rashica would be a great signing and if Jack stays it would free him up to play more centrally. Exciting names being mentioned but who knows

  5. I don’t think there will be much transfer activity at Villa for a few weeks yet. There are now so many fresh faces in the recruitment team all with fresh ideas, all out to make their mark, there will be numerous suggestions bounced around. Hopefully it won’t drag on and we miss out on some of the deals being mentioned. Hope I’m wrong but we have seen this so many times before. Shame really we have been linked with a couple of really exciting buys. Don’t take forever guys we return to pre – season training Monday and we want these newcomers settled in sooner rather than later.

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