Aston Villa’s Release List Includes Ashley Young, But is he Actually Leaving?

Aston Villa’s Release List 2022

The Premier League today published the release lists of Premier League league teams with Aston Villa listing eight players, including the notable names of both Ashley Young and Conor Hourihane.

Both Young and Hourihane’s contracts expire on June 30th, so their inclusion was expected.

In the case of Young, there is still the potential of him signing for another season, after Steven Gerrard had hinted as much, towards the end of last season.

If his fitness is still there, the fact that Premier League teams can make five active substitutes next season, may make him a useful experienced utility player, if Villa think there to be another season in his legs.

With almost two weeks to run of the former England international’s contract, you’d expect an announcement from the club of a contract extension or a parting of ways within this time.

As the Premier League release list stipulates:

Please note players signified as a “free transfer” or released by a club on the expiry of their contract on 30 June 2022 could still remain at that club next season, so this list should not be seen as definitive for players leaving their club.

Aston Villa’s listed released players were:

Aston Villa Release List

Abldeen-Goodridge, Tristan Kareem
Appiah, Paul Nana Akwashi
Bridge, Mungo Olayipo Oladapo
Hourihane, Conor
Onodi, Akos Sandor
Revan, Dominic
Thorndike, Finley Joseph
Young, Ashley

The transfer window also officially opened today, although Aston Villa have been ahead of the curve with deals already secured for Philippe Coutinho, Robin Olsen, Diego Carlos and Boubacar Kamara. The deals of which can now be processed and completed.


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  1. with 5 subs next season provided he’s fit enough perhaps a player /coach contract might be plausible

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